Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Winner, Haiku Monday

Another Monday has come and gone. Now it's Tuesday and the people want to know. If their president is a Crook. Whoops wrong decade. They want to know who won the haiku. Well friends, I'm about to tell you. Firstly I must say I enjoyed each and every one. Also found several quite touching. And several quite humorous. One of the important things about venturing forth is keeping your compassion and more importantly your sense of humor.

Here are the top 3:
CoryJo:Ending quickly a
Life full of grand memories.
See you in heaven
You have had a tough row to hoe. Your resolve and attitude are inspiring.

Thousands of feet high,
Strapped in jumpsuit. Ready ... Jump!
You could be accused of sucking up to the judge. The perhaps you didn't know. But found yours both fun and exhilarating

Pursuing those lips....
Those lush, soft, kissable lips.
....Eternally moist

You're the winner. You had me with kissable lips. Your visual was a bonus. Please grab a badge and hang it up. Then you can curse me for messing up your weekend.

Thank you to all the contributors!


Karl said...

Dealing with blogger is kind of like having a root canal.

K9 said...

Yay Foamy!!! thanks for Hostin' Karl - root canal and all.

foam said...

Ahhhh.. I can read the whole post now.
Thank you so much! It's an honor to be chosen. Participants in this competition always enter stellar haiku.
I will post a theme on my blog on Friday

BlazngScarlet said...

I'd much rather have a root canal.

Your haiku & visual were fabulous!

Karl, you were a most gracious host and did a fine job.
As far as sucking up ...? I truly had no idea! lol

Boxer said...

Yah!!!!! Foamy's well good and I know she'll do a good job with hosting.

Congrats to the runner ups. Nicely done Blaze!

Thank you for hosting Karl. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Foam! Sneak right in there and win. Waiting with interest to see what your theme will be.

Karl, nice theme, you brought out many variations from the group.


moi said...

Great picks for Top Three, and a big congrats to Foamy for her most pillowy win. Looking forward to the topic.

Thanks for hosting, Karl, and I honestly have no idea what's going on with Blogger. It's something weird every single day.

CoreyJo said...

Congrats Foamy! A most delicious haiku for sure.

Great hosting Karl, and thanks for picking me for the top 3.

I do believe Blogger is going through a mid-life crisis. The photo upload was giving me all sorts of issues last night.


Curmudgeon said...

Great hosting Karl. Congrats foam. Live long and prosper. LOL. I couldn't help that.

fishy said...

Hooray Foamy!
Brilliant haiku
since we never know where a kiss will take us!

great job.

Rafael said...

Congrats, FOAM! I'm still foaming with a bit o' blood after reading your little venture with succulent lips. Stellar stuff, simply STELLAR!!!!!

Great theme, Karl and spot on judging!

Congrats to CoreyJo and Blazng Scarlet! Well deserved praise.


foam said...

Thanks all for the congrats! Much appreciated. I do hope you all show up on Friday to find about the next theme. And, of course congrats to corey Jo and blazing scarlet.