Saturday, February 25, 2012

Haiku Monday! Venture

Welcome to Haiku Monday! Yea...I know it's Friday, but some of us don't have a life like to spend our weekends exploring the challenges of this fine style of poetry.

It's a weekly contest created by Troll. It's an exercise of intellect, that's always entertaining. Last week our host Moi graciously chose me as the winner. So this week you're stuck with me as host. The topic: Venture. Nothing ventured nothing gained or perhaps, some lament from the past the and what could have been? A charge forward into the breach, that proved its worth through the daring. Let me know. Give it a twist give it a turn. 2 will be judged, you may enter as many as you wish. Please let me know which ones you plan to have judged. 5-7-5 format. Have fun!


Karl said...

Now we venture forth.
Into your past or future.
What insights revealed.

Boxer said...

I like it. See you Saturday. I mean, Monday. NO! Sunday.

Curmudgeon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
serendipitouswildmoments said...

This one may give people the willies. I will be putting a visual up. (Sorry it just popped into my mind.)

Live trapping mammals;
Box trap is strangely heavy.
Venture a peek: Buzzzz!

Maybe my weekend among elk will produce something warmer and fuzzier.


Curmudgeon said...

It's easy to slip
Take a chance on fickle fate.
Engage number one.

Anonymous said...

PS. I really wasn't first, Curm was, but then he deleted it, and now he is back. Nice, Curm.


Giovanni Venturi's Ghost said...

Gear heads with dual-quads
benefit from my work but
seldom salute me.

moi said...

Super topic! I'll be up BY Monday :o)

Karl said...

Boxer: Any day is fine.

Serendipity: Good one, I used to live in the Mojave and have some knowledge of finding rattlesnakes in places where you don't want them.

Curmudgeon: Decided you didn't like your first one?

Giovanni: You and Mr. Archimedes are a regular part of my world. I salute you.

Moi: Looking forward to it.

America's Ghost said...

Ventura Highway

From Strawberry Fields
through Saint's graveyards. Terminus:
Valley of the Dumb.

Giovanni Venturi's Ghost said...


Thank you. Yes, the Venturi Effect is put to good practical use with recoilless sniper rifles.

What do you use Archie's stuff for?

Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, I wrote two seven syllable lines and had to take off a couple.

Canines for fifty
That's right! What is a collie?
Double jeopardy!

da da da da dum de dum.

foam said...

Pursuing those lips....
Those lush, soft, kissable lips.
....Eternally moist.

i'm up with a visual for once.

and congratulations on your win, btw!

moi said...

I'm up with visuals and two for consideration:

Classic surf rock disc. Telstar!
And the Lonely Bull.

You call this a trail?
All I see are trees and rocks.
Wait! Is that a print?

Thanks for hosting this week and I look forward to everyone's entries!

Boxer said...

I'm up with visuals and only one entry:

Uncertain outcome
entrepreneur gene followed
success has a price

serendipitouswildmoments said...

Karl, Here is my second entry. Inspired by yesterday.
(I think because of the width of your comment space mu second line may wrap.)


Venture to explore.
Severe winds slash; progress stalls.
Failure? Survival!

Visual here:

czar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pam said...

I found this one to be a tough subject! So just one from me in an attempt to get to where I wanted to go with it.


Venture Capital
Bankers calling all the shots.
Whose biz-ness is it?

czar said...

James Janos . . . wrestlah,
governah, and reformah:
Jesse Venture--uh.

Jean said...

quilts and teddy bears.
pondering cards, mugs and shirts.
so far, all gone bust.

I'm UP.

fishy said...

Red fledgling perches
upon budding spring branch. Launch!
Adventure beckons.

Spring processional.
Adventuresome daughter soars
into her future.

chickory said...

good morning, Karl. I am here on MONDAY for haiku MONDAY. Congratulations on your win, and thank you for hosting with this fine topic.

Uncertainty reigns
over springtime garden; this
summer will be harsh

chicks: polish crested
and bantam blue laced wynadottes
please don't be roosters

as usual, lots of good contenders. Good Luck, everyone.

BlazngScarlet said...

Some killer entries ... as usual!
Here's mine:

Thousands of feet high,
Strapped in jumpsuit. Ready ... Jump!

I'm up ... with visuals.

Karl said...

America's Ghost: "Valley of the dumb" I like that.

Giovanni: It is put to practical use by so many wonderful devices. Although the recoilless rifle is better suited for antitank operations.

His concept for buoyancy and screw propulsion are two major parts.

Curmudgeon: That darn syllable count, gets me all the time.

Foam: A most interesting mental picture.

Moi: Knew the first one immediately, might to have to see the second one.

Boxer: Yes it does, but aren't the rewards that much sweeter.

Serendipity: Sounds like you had a rough weekend.

Pam: May have been tough, but you did fine.

Czar: Hea, Good one. You jumping on the libertarian ticket?

Jean: Sorry to read that. I do hope things turn around for you.

Fishy: First flight is truly venturing forth.

Chickory: Home from sin city? I was just in discussions about whether we're going to pay in the summer for this mild winter.

BlazgScarlet: Cool...although a parachute tends to be more important than jumpsuit;)

All: I will get around your site's later this afternoon. Hope your having a good day.

Karl said...

Could somebody tell me what the heck happened to comments? How do you receive follow-up comments now?

fishy said...

June 1965

Venture magazine's
lenticular imaging
changed the world. For good.

Rafael said...


Uber tough theme this week...OUCH!

Anyways, here's my one:

Earth Shattering:

Nature’s ‘Jaculate
HEAT stirs pressure; ventures forth
Old Faithful risING

Visuals at

Great stuff so far...LOVED Fishies "fledgling" and Foam's "soft porn" (YUMMY!)


CoreyJo said...

OMG! I was setting up the post and didn't pay attention to the time. Hope I'm not too late!!

Promised Land

Ending quickly a
Life full of grand memories.
See you in heaven.

Visuals up at Monkeys & Windex

Best of luck to all!
And congrats to your win last week!


CoreyJo said...

P.S. Karl if you switch to embedded comments the subscribe link is still there. I don't know about pop-up.


Karl said...

Good evening All,

The winner has been posted.