Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Movie clip Wednesday: Floods

Welcome to movie clip Wednesday this week's topic: Floods. Hosted by our very own, Joanna Cake. If you care to play find a clip try to make it less than 3 minutes and go by Joanna's site and tell her you're up.There are many flooding scenes that come to mind. Just about every submarine movie has a flooding scene. The sabotage of the torpedo tube in Ice Station Zebra. The galley flooding during the naval battle in Ben Hur. The parting of the red sea in the 10 Commandments, (actually this seems to be an unflooding scene) When you talk about flooding, what's the biggest of them all. THE flood of course the flood that Noah build the Ark for. Noah's Ark was filmed in 1928 this movie is a part-talkie. I have an actually seen this film although I wish I had. Myrna Loy was in it as a dancing girl and John Wayne was an extra. The scene itself is a pretty good flood considering the special affects of the time. Please enjoy.

And for your additional viewing pleasure. How the real conversation between God and Noah may have sounded.


Joanna Cake said...

Karl, that's amazing considering the lack of special effects at that time! At first I thought it was just a movie behind the people but then you actually see them fighting their way up the steps against the water - it's like an episode of Total Wipeout!

Loving Bill Cosby's Noah and God convo too :)

Karl said...

Joanna: I thought it was kind of neat what they were able to do.

I used to have a bunch of 78 albums of his comedy routines. They were tame by today's standards, still very funny.

Buzz Kill said...

I read that 3 extras were killed making that flood scene and that John Wayne was an extra that survived. Great scene although I have not seen this movie. And that's a classic Bill Cosby routine but I never saw this version of it. He looks so young.

Happy MCW!

Princess said...

Wow... What a great find... I trolled the interwebs for hours trying to find one just like it over at mine. None of them would play here(bugger copyright laws!)
I believe that Time Warner have released a dvd of the original Karl.
It would be a great find to procure one I think.

bill cosby was a good laugh. My fathers sense of humour was very similar to his. Thanks for re kindling the memories and happy MCW.

Aunty Belle said...

ho! Ziggurat legos!!


Fun clip--an I did luv the young Cosby. An laughed out loud--imagine?' clean.

I'se late--story of my life last few weeks--but I does have a selection up at Ether Capacious

Not yore typical epic flood.

Happy MCW y'all!

chickory said...

what. you have a vault of obscure black and white footage? man doesnt Cosby look and sound young! but its his voice - before he evolved into talking in slo mo. happy MCW

Karl said...

Buzz Kill: Making movies was a dangerous business back then. With all of his other accomplishments it's easy to forgets that Cosby started out in standup comedy.

Princess: It was just luck. I could not find what I was looking for and then stumbled on this clip. The post was built around it.

Aunty Belle: That's one thing about comedians today that I don't understand. This idea that being foul mouth is funny.

Chickory: Hehehe...of course I do. It has an old oak door with big iron hinges and it goes CREeeek, when I pull the door open and blow the dust off an old clip.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time logging in at J-Cake's site.

Aunty Belle said...

Foul ain't funny that often, obly foul, an folks laugh to cover their nervous exposure. Says PrudeAunty.

But--I is hopin' to see ever'body's funny side in Monday's Haiku.

Whar does ya git that stash of B&W movies??

Karl said...

Troll: I do too. Sometimes it amazes me how long it takes an electron to cross the pond. I believe it has something to do with her server. If I let the page load for a little while, it seems to work fine. And she's worth the wait.

Aunty Belle: Well I don't consider myself a prude, yet I don't care for foul mouth humor.

I'll come up with something to tickle the funny bone.

The creaky old locker with the heavy oak door in the back of my head.