Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Movie clip Wednesday: Movie that reminds you of an Ex

Welcome to movie clip Wednesday this week's topic: Movie that reminds you of an Ex . Hosted by our very own, Joanna Cake. If you care to play find a clip try to make it less than 3 minutes and go by Joanna's site and tell her you're up.

I thought I had a hard time with last week. Aside from being pressed for time this week, this topic had me stumped. The last time I broke up with someone it was 1977 and I can remember any movie that would really remind me of her. We didn't go to a lot of movies. Didn't have the money to go to a lot of movies. I made $75.00 a week as a Harley mechanic and she earned something like 50¢ an hour plus tips as a waitress. If we went out it was generally for a ride or to meet up with friends. I still hear from her every now and then, she seems happy enough.

So back to the topic. After searching for something to post, I just picked a movie from 1977. I remember enjoying this movie and this scene. I hope you enjoy it.


Buzz Kill said...

Well, Close Encounters is better than Joanna's The Deer Hunter. I couldn't come up with a movie either, and we did the whole first movie date theme last year, so I went with a music video. Sound, smell and taste (what?) bring back more memories for me than sight and touch. Weird...probably? And I liked your scene choice because Melinda Dillon wasn't wearing a bra. Bwahahaha

Happy MCW!

Karl said...

Buzz Kill: Three things in this scene stood out. The glass breaking in the tower, the guy with the line" I hope someone's recording this" and Ms. Dillon not wearing a bra.

moi said...

Love this movie. And in a round about way, it was the movie responsible for me becoming a writer. My junior high journalism teacher assigned me the task of reviewing it for the school paper. When I submitted my review, she sent me to the principle's office, accusing me of plagarism. "There's no way a 12 year old wrote this." But I did and finally convinced her, to which she could only reply, "You should grow up to be a lawyer so you can support yourself as a writer." I was too young to get the joke. Still, here I am.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Karl,

Challenging creative topic. Too challenging for me.


Junior High Journalism Classes?!? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Your Principal's joke was funny though!

Karl said...

Moi: That's a neat story. You did skip the lawyer part right? You're not one of THEM, are you?

Troll: It was a challenge for me. Pleased to see you're back.

Aunty Belle said...

oh mah goodness....doan laugh folks, but, ah, (whispers) I ain't ever had no ex. Ever. No, really.

So, cain't relate to this theme.

huh? ya doan believe me? Uncle seen innocent chile' Aunty, an' then he done devised a wicked wicked plan.... Gives ya' a whole new view of Uncle doan it?

@ BuzzK, geepers, how does y'all notice that stuff?

@ Moi --yore teacher wuz funny! An' wise.

@ Troll--!!!--yea, yore back!

chickory said...

did you know the chickory mobile is the exact same truck dreyfus is driving when he has one of the third kind? yep. i couldnt type at all on wednesday so i missed this round -but i could have doen them for several exes. happy MCW on friday

Karl said...

Aunty Belle: I knew that. I never considered Uncle wicked, just smart.

Chickory: Now I see the resemblance. Sorry to hear about your hand. I hope it feels better soon.

All: Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! Play safe.

foam said...

for some reason i only saw that movie many years later ..

i do like it though.

i would not be able to think of a movie that reminds me of an x either.

wait!! i can .. the conan movies, although i've never bothered watching a complete one. but i had an x who was really into those. that relationship didn't last long whatsoever ..

Joanna Cake said...

Curiously Close Encounters will always remind me of my soon to be ex Husband :P

Loving the idea of the 12 year old Moi fighting to clear her name in the Principal's office and the young Aunty fighting to retain her chastity!

Karl said...

Joanna: Perhaps I hit the mark after all.

I think the teacher and principle likely had more to deal with than they had anticipated. I also think that Uncle likely had more than he anticipated.

Karl said...

Foam: Sorry, I missed you. I think there were only 2 Conan movies. Neither one was terribly impressive, although Mrs.K said he had a nice butt.

moi said...

No, I'm not a lawyer. My grand pop was, though, and he got rich ministering to the divorces of 1930s stars of stage and screen. Had he not blown his fortune with his playboy partner, I wouldn't be typing these words. I'd be on Park Avenue somewhere, paying someone to clean out my shoe closet.