Monday, November 08, 2010

Just a few things.

There are times, watching the sky just before the sunrise.
Just makes you feel good.

Early Saturday morning I went out for a bike ride, it was clear, it was cold and the low sun angle filtering through the tree leaves was quite beautiful, except for one persistent distraction. Politicians win or lose the election's over. Your signs are now litter. Please clean them up.

If I can ask a question: what system to y'all use to know when each other has made a new post. I have tried RSS, but sometimes takes days to update.

And lastly, I'm not one for frivolous spending. So Santa if you're listening, I would really like to find one of these next to the tree:


Princess said...

A very good Morning to you Karl.
I also wonder when candidates should take their plackards down. there seems to be such urgency to plaster them all over the countryside prior to an event...
As for catching updates from other bloggers.... You can get them to show up on your "Reading List" buy clicking the add button.
You then have a screen that says "ad the url for the site you want to follow" then you can follow it either piblicly (will link back to your profile) or privately.

The blog will automatically load to your Reader List and show up in the Items column.With that bloggers latest post.
You can just repeat the process by visting the blogs you do, copying the URL and then pasting it back in the Add page on your blog...

I hope this helps....

Oh... and it is just before sunrize here so i'm off for a stroll in the garden to watch the sunrise :-)

Princess said...

Ps. On the 9th November... Greetings from the future!


beautiful photo..I love set sets the's like a reward for a day well done..
I use
they are the best so far for me.

Karl said...

Princess: I had to look for it, but I found the reader and I'm giving it a try. Thank you.

A sunrise from the future, how cool is that.

Jackie Sue: I have the time to contemplate more sunrises than sun sets. You do make a good point.

I will check out

Heff said...

Yeah, the standard blogger "follow" feature is what I use, and it works quite well ,ost of the time.

Karl said...

Heff: Well anything has to be better than what I'm using. Your post, when you barbecued all the meat. It showed up on my feed, this morning.

By the way, have you tried boiling your brats in beer before grilling them. If not give it a shot.

K9 said...

holy smoke i want that too. i loved ultra light flying but yeah santa, really now. we've been good.

on my blog role i have the update and it lists them i the sidebar as most recent being the top and so on. thats how i knew you had a new, and rare non meme post.

you might also take a look at the better template designer. it will allow you to change the margins of area for you to post in, that way, the entire video wouldve shown.

and no, you cannot beat the well being that comes from the glory of oneness with beauty.

Boxer said...

What a lovely picture and how nice to see you post. I've come to think of you and Buzz as "MCW Bloggers" so it was nice to see a Monday post from you. I've never used all of the bells/whistles that Blogger has to offer and I have to admit.... I use Chickory's updated blog list as my own.

I thought the very same thing a few days ago about those posters. In our City there is a fine to the politician if the signs aren't collected within a set amount of time after the election, but I wonder how they actually monitor this?

Buzz Kill said...

This is the time of year (well, before day light savings kicked in) when I was on the road to the office at sunrise. Not as nice as your sunrises on the ocean though. I get to see a sunrise over a hotel and turnpike entrance sign.

This year I noticed around here that there weren't as many political signs around. And the ones that were put up are pretty much gone. We had 40 MPH winds yesterday so that may have had something to do with it.

As for blog updates, I use the "Follow" button at the top left corner of the page. It works fine.

Buzz Kill said...

Oh, and Boxer - you've missed or not commented on several "non-MCW" posts. I do what the schedule allows.

Anonymous said...

We have inmates take them down here.

Karl said...

K9:Instead of 45 seconds worth of freefall, you could have 10 minutes to a jump!

I have noticed the way your blogroll updates, where do I find such a tool. Thank you! For the suggestion on changing the template. I did so this morning and now everything fits much better.

Oneness with beauty. I like that.

Boxer: Well you know old water boy. I have to mix it up a little different every now and then. Plus let's face it, I am probably better at commenting than at posting.

As it turns out there's a law here too. They have 30 days to clean them up, way too long to my mind.

Buzz Kill: I used to live in Linden and commute into the city. So I know exactly what you're talking about in reference to sunrise over the Jersey Turnpike. It's part of the reason for where I'm at now.

While researching the removal law. I ran across a statistic that in Maryland, there were more signs placed for this election than in any previous election.

Troll: Well that's better than what we do here. It turns out the governor (a democrat), sent out state highway workers to remove republicans signs. How's that for your tax dollars at work.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture. Love it!

Karl said...

JAG: Thank You

intuitive eggplant said...

A lovely photo indeed - thanks for sharing! And I like the new look of your blog too!

moi said...

I probably wouldn't be so afraid to fly if I could be in control like that. As for checking in with folks, I just hit my blog roll about once a day.

Kymical Reactions said...

Hi Karl. I'm very envious of your daily sunrise view. I bet sundowns are just as remarkable.

Karl said...

Eggy: thank you and nice to see you.

Moi: I don't think your afraid to fly, it's a control issue. I think you should just break down and get a pilot's license.

Mommy:(get used to it you're gonna be hearing a lot from now on) Yes, the sunsets can be good. Although the later twilight is marred by light pollution from Washington.

Aunty Belle said...


Reckon Santa could use one of these thangs, hisself!

Hope ya git it---

Karl said...

Aunty Belle: Yea, I bet he could.

So...Where have you've been? Off on some clandestine gov't business or perhaps jet setting around Paris.