Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Movie clip Wednesday: Coming of age movie.

Milk River Madman is our host and doing a fine job at it. If you wish to play. Post a clip on your site. Try to make it 3 minutes or less, then stop by MRM's site say I'm up, with the title of your movie. You can also see who else is playing. The topic for this week is: Coming of age movie. Captains Courageous is a 1937 MGM family adventure film. Based on the 1897 novel, by Rudyard Kipling, that follows the adventures of fifteen-year-old Harvey Cheyne Jr., the arrogant and spoiled son of a railroad tycoon. Filmed in black-and-white, Captains Courageous was advertised by MGM as a coming-of-age classic with exciting action sequences. The title comes from the ballad "Mary Ambree", which starts "When captains courageous, whom death could not daunt". I enjoyed the book more than the movie. The tail thats told, regardless of medium is truly one of coming-of-age.


Pam said...

For some reason, Kipling keeps coming up in conversation around me lately. Articles about his home in Britain; Cash Cab had a question about the Cub Scouts being based on which Kipling book .... I guess I need to go back and read some classics! Happy MCW.

Karl said...

Pam: Apparently Kipling and the founder of the Scouts, Lord Baden-Powell were friends. And the Cub Scouts were based on the Jungle Book. Buzz may know more about this. Many of the classics are still a good read today.

Milk River Madman said...

Interesting stuff about Kipling and the Scouts. Never read this and haven't watched but a good clip. I like how the seas were much calmer when the mast gave way. Also great shots of the cutter going through the waves. Happy MCW.

fishy said...

Kipling was a fine educator of youth. He had a knack for telling a tale in a way which engaged both the intellect and the heart of those coming of age. Like you, I think the book was superior but this is a great choice.

Karl said...

MRM: Yes it is an interesting history. They can't have wind and waves getting in the way of actors lines. I can tell you from experience, that seas can seem rough and violent when you're driving to windward and yet those same seas can seem calm and sedate when running downwind or lying ahull.

Fishy: He did have a way with a telling tail. Thanks

Buzz Kill said...

A sailing coming of age - I should have known. A couple of others that could fit this sub-theme might be Ishmael in Moby Dick or Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island. I've not seen Captains Courageous but it looks pretty good. I like sea adventures.

I did not know that Kipling and Baden-Powell were buddies or that he had anything to do with Scouts. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of scouting by - Baden-Powell. No mention of Kipling but scouting be influenced by the Jungle Book sounds right.

Happy MCW!

K9 said...

indeed it is a true coming of age, forced by circumstance to, in todays vernacular, man up. What is manning up today? getting a tattoo? gang initiations? no, there are still young captains waiting to be made. I was very moved by John Boener last night...from true humble beginnings to speaker of the house.
Happy MCW, Karl! great choice

Aunty Belle said...

Ah, yes!

Too Bad thar's so few going to sea opportunities fer young'uns--or is that that too few would qualify--nuthin' like a sea adventure to come of age--do or die, hard realities.

I also had no idea of the Kipling / Powell /Scout thang--wow.

Mebbe if MGM had stuck to movies like this they wouldn't be in bankruptcy.

Great selection, Karl! So Karl-worthy.

Happy MCW

Karl said...

Buzz Kill: Both might fit, good movies, but the books were better.

Perhaps a project on the Kipling tie and the 100th anniversary could help your son get his eagle scout.

K9: Tattoo, no. Prospecting for a gang, no. Those are acts of a good follower, not a good leader. It's standing up to take responsibility for your actions. There are still young captains waiting to be made. Although these days, they seem to be older before they're ready to take on that responsibility.

I hope that our new speaker (who has worked so hard to get where he's at) understands the opportunity that he's been given and keeps in mind what is best for the country. Thanks

Aunty Belle: Other than the Navy, there are fewer positions and less who qualify (and with all the new government regulations it's getting harder) even fewer who want to take on the life. I suppose to many, having the adventure isn't worth the risk that a lapse of judgment could cost you everything.
Thank you Aunty

Joanna Cake said...

Ah Karl, we can always rely on you to come up with something unusual :)

Heff said...

Kipling created the Scouts ?

Never knew that.

Karl said...

Joanna: What a nice complement. Thanks

Heff: No he was friends with the fella that started the scouts.