Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anonymous Boxer is our host. If you wish to play. Post a clip on your site. Try to make it 3 minutes or less, then stop by Boxer's site say I'm up, with the title of your movie. The topic for this week is: Best Animal.

This film and the show Sea Hunt are partly responsible for starting a little boy playing in the desert, thinking about the sea.

Filmed in color in 1961 and released in 1963, Flipper has several underwater sequences, along with scenes of the trained dolphin performing stunts. Flipper the dolphin was played by "Mitzi" (1958-1972) In addition to Mitzi, four other dolphins were filmed for the production of the movie. Two of the dolphins, Little Bit, a female, and Mr. Gipper, a male, reproduced at the Dolphin Research Center. The calf was named Tursi, and she still lives at Dolphin Research Center as of 2009.


Pam said...

Oh I remember Flipper very well and not the re-runs either. That was a great series back in the day and now I'm going to have that theme song in my head for the rest of the week.

TROLL Y2K said...

I didn't know it was a movie but the TV show and "Gentle Ben" ran back-to-back when I was a yute.

Great choice and happy MCW!

Heff said...

Dearest Karl -

Are you honestly going to let Troll hijack the Culinary Challenge ?

BamaTrav WON the April Culinary Smackdown, and has the right to DECLARE and JUDGE the next challenge. The only thing rigged about the April challenge was that TROLL DIDN'T EVEN BELONG in the coin-toss. Troll even admitted that he didn't use lobster in his dish - what's legitimate about that ? It's apparent that TrollY2K is only going to play by his own rules.

Your choice here, but please consider BamaTrav the April Culinary Smackdown Champion who will host and judge for mid-May.

Boxer said...

I loved Flipper and I beginning to understand just how much of a water-person you are. Nicely written post and a great pick.

Karl said...

Pam: Sorry about a theme song I understand the problem. When Gadfly stops by I'd get "Putting on the Ritz" stuck in my head from his profile picture.

Troll: The movie was the hook, the show was the line and sinker.

Reading Heff's comment below, I have to ask. What's going on? I had made the assumption (yeah I know) that, BamaTrav had decided not to host and that you as second had stood up by right of succession. If he wants to host it is his right. If he doesn't want to, you should host.

Dearest Heff: Please, see the above.

Boxer: Thank you

Buzz Kill said...

Looks like you and I took to the sea this week. I never knew there was an original Flipper Movie. I watched the series and saw the remake movie with Paul Hogan. And I'm a huge Chuck Connors fan - I loved The Rifleman. Nice choice.

Happy MCW!


i loved flipper..but what i loved more was the theme song..ha

Kymical Reactions said...

Oh my word! I just here the infamous dolphin greeting! I loved this movie as a kid, (as well as the television series) and love that you've reminded me of a favorite time in my childhood.

wonderful choice, and perfectly fitting. :)

Heff said...

Karl, BamaTrav is out of town for a few days, so evidently Troll took it upon himself once again to declare himself judge and jury.

BamaTrav will be back next week to announce the Culinary Smackdown info for May, and BamaTrav will host and judge.

"Accept No Imitations", lol !

Karl said...

Buzz Kill: I haven't seen the remake. The rifleman was also a favorite when I was a kid.

JackieSue: Now there's a tune, that'll get stuck in your head.

Kym: I'm glad you liked it. Where have you been?

Heff: Then we should wait for BamaTrav's return and if he wishes to host, he should do so. I will look forward to it.

I would add a word of caution, the folks in this community participate in these challenges for the fun and interaction with each other. All parties involved should remember that. Less we destroy something many have come to enjoy.

Joanna Cake said...

LOL, there was so nearly a blog jinx from over here. I loved that programme

Karl said...

Joanna: Great minds think alike;)

Gadfly said...

Oh man ... I'd forgotten that was Chuck Conners in that thing.

Heff said...

I hear ya, Karl. But what's right is what's right. BamaTrav (the Winner) will contact you soon with Smackdown info.

Karl said...

Gadfly: Conners was another one that liked Remington. If you get that 1911, please let me know what you think of it.

Heff: We shall, what he comes up with when he returns.

Heff said...

You don't post much, do you man ?

Aunty Belle said...

I used to watch this!

Ya lived in the desert? Our English teacher used to make us write:
"what's for dessert in the desert?"

Happy belated MCW!

TROLL Y2K said...

Wow, Heff's still trying to get people to believe that lie.

He selected his neighbor Bama as the "winner" a month before the contest started. They both bragged about "rigging" the contest. In Heff's case, counting his aliases "Little Nigger" and "MyDickHurts" at least 5 times that I'm aware of.

The idea, I guess, was to pull a prank on me by selecting in advance the ONLY person I wouldn't want to win. And I guess they hoped I'd buy a bunch of lobster and cook something elaborate too.

Anonymous said...

May cullinary smackdown announced, stop by to say you're in.

Heff said...

Troll - AGAIN, I "rigged" the LOSER, NOT the Winner.

Karl said...

I apologize for the slow replies, it's been a busy week.

Heff: I started out as freementor. So my current level of posting is a lot from me. Plus work can get in the way.

Aunty Belle: Ice cream was a big hit. Nice to see you having the time to get around. Even though it took me forever to reply.

Troll: You may have access to information that I don't. But, Bama Trav's presentation looked legitimate to me.

If a prank was played, the choice of forum was certainly misguided. This was a mingling of several groups who had not interacted or had the sense of community for each other. We needed move past this.

Bama Trav: Can I resubmit lobster tacos?

Heff: Please see above, you guys need to work this out.

Y'all have a fine weekend. And let's hope mother earth doesn't release a natural gas kick, that launches 100 tons of concrete and steel back to the surface.

Heff said...

Karl - Couldn't help but notice on Moi's blog that you had questions about a white noise machine.

Just to let you know, Heff owns one, and SWEARS BY IT. No better sleep in the world, brother !

google "Sleep Mate".

Boxer said...

I bought Mr. Boxer a white noise machine and it's pretty amazing. Rain is my fav. Funny, because of course, I live in SEATTLE. BWHAHAHAHA.

(just adding to the continuing convo from Aunty-Moi-Heff.)

Heff said...


I honestly wanna know what "white noise machine" Moi recommended !

I'm guessing it's "electric", possible "digital" as far as the sound effects go ?!?

For The Record, the "Sleep Mate" I recommended is basically a simple encased fan motor, but it DOES have a "dialable" enclosure that enables different sound settings....PLEASE - TELL ALL !

Love, and Hugs...


Karl said...

Boxer: Talk about a busman's holiday, "rain" BWAHAHAH Thanks for the input. What type buy?

Heff: Moi suggested: Sound-Oasis. I thought you knew that, since she replied to you and I in the same comment. Here's the link:

Heff said...

I missed her comment. Thanks Karl.