Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anonymous Boxer is our host. If you wish to play. Post a clip on your site. Try to make it 3 minutes or less, then stop by Boxer's site say I'm up, with the title of your movie. The topic for this week is: Best Book adaptation.

There are so many good movies based on books. An example would be Jaws a very good book and a great movie. Although the time it came out, I was miffed that Hooper didn't die in the end as he did in the book. Anyway wanting to avoid a jinx with someone, I'd decided to go a different direction.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: A great book and an all right movie. I actually keep a copy of the book in my office. It's a good reminder, that no matter how comfortable you feel, there's always someone out there, who wouldn't think twice about vaporizing you so he could put in his own hyperspatial express route. Also, the phrases "don't panic" and "so long and thanks for all the fish" are routinely used in my world. Enjoy!


Heff said...

Hmm. Never seen any of that....

Karl said...

Heff: I think you'd get a grin out of it.

Joanna Cake said...

I've not read the book or seen the film of HHG but I agree with you on Jaws... although, in retrospect, Im glad Hooper lived :)

Boxer said...

to me, the test of a great movie is the lines you take away. One time, Mr. Boxer and I attempted to have a dinner conversation ONLY using lines from movies we knew. It didn't last long, but it was fun.

I've never read/watched Hitchhiker's Guide, but I think after this it will go on the list.

Great clips. Happy MCW.

Princess said...

Brilliant! Pan galactic gargle blasters all around, Oh and i've bought my towel...Do you have a spare Babel fish?, mine's gone missing and i can't understand a word those vogan contruction workers are saying...Is the improbability drive still working?
Oh Marvin you're the most depressed android in the universe... I'm off to construct a few fijords now. Trillion where have you been..

I guess you have gleaned that I'm just a bit of a fan of this book and movie! Stephen Fry was great as the narrator..
Oh and the answer is 42!
thanks for a great post ad happy MCW....

Oh hai Boxer, Joanna, Heff

Karl said...

Joanna: In the movie, Hooper was such a good guy. In the book, he deserved everything he got.

Boxer: Gee, that would be kinda tuff. For me it would be a short game indeed.

It was also a BBC television show. It was so low budget, just watching props was good for a laugh.

Princess: Coming right up. Please pass the Algolian Suntiger teeth.

Funny, when someone asks you a question and you answer 42. You know immediately whether they read the book or not. Glad you enjoyed it.

moi said...

Most definitely a book—and movie—that has earned a spot in our collective pop cultural consciousness. I think it was required reading among teenagers when I was in high school. I read it and saw the movie but can't remember much about either one, except a few bon mots, including this one: "Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job."

Happy MCW!

xl said...

Sorry, not familiar with book or movie. :(

Happy MCW though!

Karl said...

Moi: Well, I have been known to have a kind of sophomoric sense of humor, that may be why I like. That little quip is so true.

xl: No sweat. Thanks for stopping by.

chickory said...

I love love loved the opening sequence of HGTTG! i never read the book -

recently steven hawking had a comment that works well with your own....something to the effect that we shouldnt work so hard at contacting extraterrestial life...we should lay low and hope they dont notice us. grrrherhahahahaha.

in jaws, i was always kind of hoping the guy with the blue sport jacket with little anchors on it would be eaten. not quint! loved quint

when those as a dahl's eyes roll back in its head and ya hear that awful screaming...

i sort of forget the hitchikers guide movie. 'cept those awesome bottle nosed porpoises!

Buzz Kill said...

In the book, Hooper was diddling Brody's wife, so I guess he did deserve to get offed.

I saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in the theater and I didn't like it at all. I was confused and bored by it. So were the Mrs and kids. Maybe if I read the book - but I didn't and there's probably no chance I'll ever read it. You can't like them all.

Happy MCW!


i never read the book or saw the movie..just couldn't get into it.
same thing with harry potter.

Karl said...

Chickory: I read Stephen Hawking comments and he's correct. The outcome would likely resemble Christopher Columbus finding the Americas, but on a planetary scale.

LOL a guy in the blue blazer.

Buzz Kill: Yea, in the movie they left that story line out.

I can see how it would be hard to follow, if you had not read the book.

Jackie Sue: I would categorize it more in line with Monty Python, rather than Harry Potter. Knowing that your favorite author is James Lee Burke, I can understand either way.

Heff said...

LMAO !!!!! LOVIN' the Troll poster, man !!!

I'll post it too !

Karl said...

Heff: Glad you liked it. Be my guest, it's free for the taking.