Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Haiku Monday: Water

Good afternoon folks,
Taking over from Serendipity, her post topic last week was Seed. I decided it needed little water, so that's this week's topic. You folks know the drill, see you in the comments.


Karl said...

Ultimate solvent
Cleansing healing refreshing
And yes, Wet T-shirts

darkfoam said...

Well, I'll leave the wet t-shirts to you .. :-)

I'll think on a watery haiku by Monday. I have also volunteered to take the next Monday haiku challenge.

Doom said...

softness like silk
cool, warm, all flavors of therm
mostly for coffee

the sound and the feel
weighty but tricky, surreal
giant as pixy

Anonymous said...

Water’s secret life:
Flake or drop to massive flows.
sculpts lands, sustains life.

darkfoam said...

Rain's staccato sheen
Crescendos while tree frogs chirp..
Natures lullaby..

Doom said...

So clinical, dry, manly, Karl. Until you hit the wet t-shirts. Urhm... wait. One out of three? Never mind. :)

Splendid, ladies.

I love this humble art. I think the draw is through the humility and real craft required. Like swimming while holding the breath. Can leave one... breathless. I'm trying to do that natural thing but... I'll keep watching, and pick up what and where I can.

Anonymous said...

Here is an other Karl.

SCUBA allows flight
in a liquid atmosphere.
Gravity defied.

BTW, I did put a visual up for the first.


Karl said...

Foam: Well the reality is, the closest I get to a wet T shirt these days is after she takes off the bee jacket, after working in the hives on a hot day. I found your watery haiku most enjoyable. Thank you for stepping up for next week.

Doom: Hmm "clinical, dry, manly" I still appreciate the feminine form, but actually I find it most distracting.

I like your coffee haiku Elixir of life.

Serendipity: So true on both accounts. Many a time I've answered the question "How did you get that done". My answer was "I didn't have to deal with gravity".

All: Thanks you guys for stopping by. A small group of very good haiku. Foam, should we expect the topic, say Wednesday?

Anonymous said...

Since it is still Sunday, and because we have only dealt with liquid so far, I give you glaciers:

Keys locked in deep freeze.
Ancient cores, modern magic;
make ice tell tall tales.

and sound:

Gentle shussshing of waves,
crashing of storm surf, trickles,
singing frozen lakes.


darkfoam said...

Good evening folks,
We do have a very nice collection of haiku here, if I say so myself.
Yeah, I'll see if I can put something up by Wednesday. I'm already thinking of themes.

czar said...

Love to watch it move.
Oceans . . . or worker hosing
Down McDonald's lot.

And that's a true story. I've always enjoyed watching water move. One time I found myself staring at a teen washing down the parking area for a McDonald's that sat on a hill. I realized what I was doing and I thought, "I've lost my mind."

Doom said...

You aren't the only one czar. Water, fire, air (with bits in it, if they swirl), and mud and volcanic flows. Watching nature move seems poetic, mathematical, and yet magical too. I'm a sucker for it.

Oh, I do think you have gone over the edge. I'm just not certain that is an option, so a bad thing. When you let go, you might even enjoy quite pleasantly? :) Well, that's the story I suggest.

Karl said...

Serendipity: Your hitting the spot this week. Ice cores have so much information, it's amazing. The atmosphere, the weather, all there in the little cylinder.

Foam: Looking forward to it.

Czar: I do as well. Oceans and Wet-T's. McDonald's? I'd have to work on that one.

Doom: Air, earth, fire, and water. It's nature's matrix and ultimately water consumes or creates the matrix. Once you're one with water, mingling with the other three becomes easy.

Doom said...

A water shaman, eh? I'm a retired fireman, myself. Yeah, fire... is a bit problematic. Though all are, if they... get out of control.

Karl said...

Doom: "Water shaman" not really. I feel at one when I'm in it and have taught many how to survive it. But it's not magical, its physical.

As you know when fighting fires. As long as your SCBA has air and your hose has water. You're in the game, lose either and the equation changes.

Doom said...

Different sort of fireman, spiritual and social. But yes, I had to know that stuff too. And, yes, I do know what you suggest. Submarines are bad places for fires. Hmm, come to think of it, I was an actual fireman in the Navy, which has nothing to do with fighting fires, though in my case I was trained. Odd how all that works out. Almost mathematical.

In my story line, I suggest that I am of the line of dragons. Nephew. Nephilim. Probably just a story, and only roughly related to fire, in myth, in ways. Just a tale, of course... mostly.

Doom said...
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PNWGal said...

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Doom said...


Just checking in with the... urhm... old folk. Don't get all grumpy, or do. I like grumpy, myself. Been a while, just checking in... seeing if anyone is home. Dang kids.