Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Haiku Monday: The Finale.

Back in December of 2010, a gentleman by the name of Troll came up with a contest or meme. It was called: Haiku Monday. Troll was a mentor and without his tutelage, I would have never learned to enjoy haiku. His knowledge of the art of writing these poems help to create what Moi once called "the longest running meme in blogosphere history".  For that, I would like to thank him.
The time has come to end the contest. Many have found other interests, run out of time to play or simply got tired of playing. As folks meandered away, finding replacements has become a challenge. I'm hoping that those of us that remain can come up with a rotation or some other method of continuing haiku without the challenge of picking a winner and writing up the winners post. I'm open for suggestions. To all the contestants who've played over the years. I would like to say it has been entertaining, instructional, and an honor to compete with all of you. Your differing perspectives and wit on each topic is, what has made this contest last so long. 
Master Basho would not likely recognize what we now call haiku. However, for us the idea is to have some fun. 5-7-5 syllables used for structure. The best haiku make use of both Kigo( seasonal reference), an’ Kireji (“cutting” word or punctuation ).  You can post as many as you want. Have fun with it. There will be no winner to this contest, nor will there be a closing date. The topic: is endings and beginnings.


Karl said...

Energy not lost
Fundamental momentum
Creates needed change

darkfoam said...

Good finale post.
I remember troll inviting me to participate when he started the meme. We didn't really blog with each other, but we had several mutual blogging buddies.
It was fun while it lasted. It certainly was entertaining and educational to meet folks this way. I don't mind a rotation for right now. We will see what happens.
And, yes, I will have a haiku for this post.

Pam said...

Old habits die hard
Old friends live on forever
We, like time, move on.

Whewsh! Who knew I still had one in me!!!!! Karl, I'll be back to see how this goes!

fishy said...

One poetic Troll
Spawn'd eager participants
Bye! my Monday friends.

How did we seque
Past kireji-kigo?
Master cringes now

Loved this game! Still miss Troll, still feel abandoned by him but wish him peace and joy. Godspeed to all the Monday folks. Kudos Karl for a fine exit strategy.

darkfoam said...

As the sun embraced
With warmth I thought of haiku..
Friends, until later

Karl said...

Foam: Thanks, let's see how many folks we can get involved. We could pick places in the rotation and come up with a topic. Then comments could be placed on the site of whoever came up with the topic.
Nice haiku.

Pam: So nice to see you! Thank you for coming. I knew you had one more in you. Comeback as many times as you want.

Fishy: Does he cringe or simply accept, things change.
You shouldn't feel abandoned, he like many others simply had something else to do. It has been a pleasure playing with you. My best to Blowfish.

Doom said...

I am terribly sorry. I kept looking, and from being tired perhaps, I thought the title meant... you had chosen a winner... And I was thinking it was from the last contest. Gah!

Well, let me see. I know it's late, I am on the run, still... with what you are suggesting... Oh, and I am up!

Oh, and I wouldn't mind a weekly, or bi-weekly (two week) "contest", with people (including me to let you know) putting their card in the hat for a rotation. As others play, perhaps they will want to take a turn, as they become more comfortable? I, myself, may put up a favorites post, per author, and a bit of comment or praise, but that might just be my thing, and if I have the time...

Oh, haiku...

today, tomorrow
yesterday ~ before it starts it
is already over

for all good and bad
things ~ there is a first and last ~
so it starts and ends

Anonymous said...

Nice job with this Karl. I checked last evening, but now just found this. I see you have brought out a few missing persons. Greetings Fishy and Pam!

I am watching our avian friends in the spring rain-snow-rain. Like our other guests out there they are hungry tonight. This haiku reflects daily behavior as well as seasonal migration.

As seasons cycle,
adieu becomes new hello.
Cranes leave and return.

I'll have to mull on this to see what else pops up.

I think you may be right that hosting duties, with the more extensive expectations regarding judging and write-ups, may have made this less light-hearted for some.

A rotation sounds fine to me. It would keep me in touch with some interesting people.


chickory said...
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chickory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chickory said...

like cherry blossoms
falling so too the poets
never meant to last

I will post a haiku on my page later today.

amazing what I have accomplished since I stopped daily blogging. As the SparringK9 I battled for years, evolved into She, all while also having Chickory's page. Interesting that writing is its own art form and season; now the garden life is a new poetry, with each seed and placement of plants a haiku. A garden is never quite finished, and neither is a blog. It waits patiently for the return of the master / mistress for when the season turns again. I lived an entire life through my blog and believe finding true lifetime friends through the experience was its greatest gift. Im not saying goodbye to you Karl; you are actually the model of intermittent blogging. when the spirit moves one, whether there are readers or not.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karl,
Lovely tribute. I learned how to write Haikus because of this and it's dear in my heart. Thank you for carrying the torch for so long. I love what Chickory wrote. XOXO

Jenny aka Boxer

Karl said...

Doom: Your haiku make up for your confusion. Perhaps, we will have the rotation system worked out by Monday next week.

Serendipity: The diving ducks finally left, it was a week ago. I've never seen them stay this long. They I will miss. The Osprey I will not, the bloody things are a pain. Are your Cranes on their normal migration cycle?

Chickory: Yes, you're right. A poem should lighten the heart, not create a history. Sometimes we forget that.

I'm glad to see you're getting a lot done. It doesn't mean I miss your input any less. Did you get to setting up beehives this year? Last weekend we had our first brood of the season hatch. Monday we added boxes to the all the hives. I'm hopeful it will be a good season. And thank you.

Jenny: So nice to hear from you. I hope you, Carl, and the pups are doing well. The poems you wrote were always well done. Please don't say a stranger.

moi said...

I will always, always cherish the time I spent blogging and the friends I made because of it. Such a special time, and so much FUN.

Maybe we should think about putting a little book together of our favorite haiku over the Haiku Monday years? Self publishing is so easy and it could be done "on demand." There are so many good ones out there. It would be shame to leave them unsung.

So, Señor, the most interesting man alive (still don't know what you do for a living)! I'll end with this:

Time to close this door.
Onward to new memories.
Hugs and kisses, all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karl,

You sure know how to reel them in. It is nice to see a few old players pop in to say hi and let us know they are OK. Boxer, happy to know you are still around. Chickory, I can see how you needed the blog-break.

Karl, according to a decade of records here, migrations are within the norm. I believe leaf-out and first blooms are also in the general windows. We have had spring snow the last 2 mornings, but I have a few tulips open, the iris have a few flower shoots up next to the warm foundation, and the peonies are insisting they will sprout despite dips below freezing.

Our ospreys have been around for at least 3 weeks. The divers have moved on - we get a lot of western grebes in one reservoir.

Today saw a flock of about 150 white-faced ibis. I see them rarely, only in spring. I'll have to dig through records to see when they are "normally" here!


Doom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karl said...

Moi: A special time it was indeed. Cumming to this group, a little late gave me the opportunity of seeing the dynamic that had developed. The depth and speed of thought throughout the members of the group is what impressed me most. I believe it's what held the group together for so long. Likely to the detriment of many pocketbooks. Still I miss you folks.

I think the book would be a great idea. However I don't know a thing about doing it. You and Czar would be the experts in the field. If you really think it's a possibility, I would be interested in how to start.

Señora, the most interesting man alive? He is the one you hold in your hand and hold in your heart. Give SB my best.

Serendipity: Not me, it's us.

I don't have any official records. Just going off personal recollection. Still to have the diving ducks and the Osprey at the same time is odd. Bufflehead, Canvas Back and Lesser Scaup are no match for a hungry Osprey.

Rebecca said...

Took me awhile but my computer is back and running in good condition so i'm in this week. sorry for being MIA but the aliens took over for awhile. well off to think on this theme will return with my entries soon or at least by Monday.

Anonymous said...


I can see where a diver coming to surface could be very vulnerable to the fish hawk! Sitting duck.

Mio, glad to see you as well. I have missed your wit. You must have been posting as I was since I didn't see your comment. I keep checking the apple to see if you have returned. Obviously you are busy.

Alas, Moi always
is beginning anew,
'fore ending edits.


moi said...

SB is doing great. We just celebrated our birthdays with a sojourn to NYC. You know, Czar and I could put this book together. I'll be in touch . . .

Serendipity: yes, busy busy and missing everybody!

Karl said...

Becca: Good to see your back. Your predicament demonstrates the problem with aliens. If they get into the system without doing the proper checks and controls, the whole thing gets messed up.

Serendipity: Yes, that's the point

Moi: Good to hear SB is doing well. Last I heard of Czar, he and his wife were in New York to visit Fleur. I think that's a while ago now. I will wait to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

In keeping with Karl's swansong theme, endings and beginnings, I give you a flower's life. With a visual.

Unfurling fresh, new…
It fades, dies, but leaves new life.
Flower’s life cycle.

Rebecca said...

okay my darling here are my entries and of course visuals up tomorrow

sitting, edge of seat
thoughts whirl and twirl through my head
cliffhanger, Dang it!!

Mother nature's show
trees dance to booming music
light show ends, the finale

Aunty Belle said...

Karl, MIMITW, youse, jes' a swell fella. Thanky so much.

Would you never skip
Down flowered paths for sorrow
of the final mile?

darkfoam said...

Lordy, that's a lovely sentence haiku by Aunty.

czar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
czar said...

Good god, Aunty. Way to crack one.

No other art form
Would have linked such varied lives.
Syllable bonding.

Karl, you're the classiest of class acts. For Karl and everyone else, it's been an absolute blast.


Doom said...


I just didn't say anything because... every time I went to write something it was pretty much useless. Yeah, you actually left me speechless... even as I have learned to enjoy that last mile, if it keeps stretching out. I'm going to need new soles if that last mile keeps up like this.

If I wrote that poem, I would quit. Can't beat it. Don't you quit though!

Karl said...

Sorry folks for the slow reply, I've been away. Some work, some fun, no internet. A most enjoyable time. We need to remember to turn it off. And partake of the life outside, we write about.

Serendipity: you have the cycle right not just for flowers though.

Becca: I really like your second one.

Aunty Belle: Yes ma'am, you get it. I thank you as well.

I think you know the answer, although I'm not sure the question could be better put.
Foam: I agree.

Czar: Sir. A pleasure to hear from you, I hope all in your world is well. Your contributions to this forum have always been well thought out and right on target.

She knocked if it out of the park, didn't she.

Doom: I agree and hope she doesn't quit.

All: So here we are. It's time to ask the question. Who is interested in a weekly rotation with no winner or loser. The host would pick the topic, post the topic and host for the replies. Let's be honest though many have moved away from this group. And if keeping it together will be a chore. Perhaps it's time to bid farewell and following seas.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a book! Good idea Moi.


Anonymous said...

If anyone would like a place to write a haiku, I have a theme posted, and comments are open.


darkfoam said...

Cool, serendipity started the ball rolling. I will play off and on when inspired. I don't mind putting up the occasional haiku theme post. We can see how it plays out. If it peters out so be it. This upcoming Memorial Day weekend is out though. I will be camping in the deep deep woods. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I expect that this might be a 2 week host post. I'll be looking for grizzlies and other wildlife in Jellystone, myself. So don't expect any comments from me over the long weekend.

We'll see how or if the spirit moves people.


Rebecca said...

I have to say i am lost this week without a theme to write about. I am going to miss my Monday gatherings with all of you.

darkfoam said...

Hop on over to serendipity. She has a theme posted.

Karl said...

Jenny: Yes, it is a good idea.

Serendipity: Thanks for pulling the first watch. Hope you find Bears and a few pickanick baskets.

Foam: Have a great time camping!

Becca: What Foam said. And have a great the Memorial day weekend.

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy, sweet folks. Thanky kindly fer the encouraging words. I found all these entries to have merit, mebbe cause it could be the last.

Mah confession is that I does want to blog. I does want to keep our connections.haiku Monday wuz always about blog fellowship fer me. So, I'se intendin' to visit more often, post more often, an will be right pleased to host haiku when mah turn rolls round....but mostly, I jes' doan wanna lose touch with all you dear souls.

I like Moi's book idea, too. Or, whatever device we devise to keep our bonds, iffin' folks is of a mind to keep 'em.

Karl, ditto Czar's praise of your fine qualities.

Have a contented Memorial Day, y'all, and please come by the Porch in a day or so for a new post.

Karl said...

Aunty Belle: I understand your desired keep blogging and to maintain the connection with all these folks. I honestly believe that the diversity of belief and the intellect of this group, is what has made it special. If we can use this as a system to keep in touch. I think it would be good.

Stop by at Serendipity and throw in a seed for thought. You could host next week if you want.

All: Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Please, take the time to remember those who sacrificed, so that you can do so.

Anonymous said...

Sending everyone best wishes for a safe and fun weekend! xoxo


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