Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Haiku Monday: Spring

Time for Haiku Monday. Lovely One was kind enough to give me the win in the last contest. So here we are. This weeks topic is Spring. I think all of us can agree that the weather this year has made for an interesting one so far. The Osprey are back and yet the diving ducks are still here. I've never seen this before. One day we have temps in the 80s and the next high's in 30s. So far I've had to cover my plantings to keep them from freezing, reinstall the winter insulation on the beehives. And still had the pleasure of watching 2 lovely bikini clad young women motor by the boat. So as far as I'm concerned spring has sprung just maybe with the few leaks in it. So let me know how's your spring going. What do you plan to do with it.

(This photo was borrowed from a website. I didn't take it, the post just needed a little color. Although it is a similar depiction of the girls that went by the other day.)
Standard rules apply. Please use 5-7-5 format and as many as you wish. Midnight Pacific is the deadline on Monday, April 21. Have Fun!


Karl said...

The Osprey are back
Bikini clad boater too
Mark Spring beginning

Doom said...

Spring? Who'd a thunk! Looks good. Oh, and I had someone else ask about the contest, so I told her I'd let her know as soon as I know. Well, shortly thereafter. I have some ku to do first. And a post, a link, and... I'm tired already. :p

Oh, I'm up! Now I'll go tattle on you. :)

sailing on warm breath
earth giving us a fine break
and a sunny smile

cool to warm - ready
rain and growth, green, blue, and grey
the world is calling

a step out the door
a spring in my step, a pack
on my back - go time!

foam said...

Healthy looking young ladies ..:-)

Timely theme.. this spring.
Today I put flannel sheets
back on the ole bed.

I'll be back ..

Anonymous said...

Hi Karl, timely. It's spring ... or not ... depending on the exact time and day. Grass is green, birds returning, blizzard blowing in after 70 degrees with a temperature drop in 24 hours of 73degrees! Go figure.

But the vultures have arrived, and that is a sure sign of spring in these parts.

Garden? I think I'll have time to get healed enough before I need to turn it over to plant.



foam said...

Spring! The turkey hunt!
Hunters in the wilderness,
turkeys in the 'hood .. :)

foam said...

I'll let you know when I'm up.

foam said...

I'm up.

Karl said...

Doom: All 3 are good. Hope your friend decides to play. Tattle, good luck with that one. Mrs. K pointed them out to me. (Have i mentioned before, what a great wife I have?)

Foam: The 2 young women were indeed healthy looking. And to my mind better than the two pictured in the post. More natural less made up. Flannels to hot and Satin is to slick. Belfast linen hits the spot.

Serendipity: We are dealing with the same thing, wide temperature variations and lots of wind. The migration cycle seems to be totally out of whack. We have birds here that shouldn't be here at this time of year. The water temperature is almost 10° below normal. Rockfish season starts tomorrow, I will be interested to see how the fishing reports turnout.

Rafael said...

Shiver me timber with splinters a spraying, missed the color for all the boobage!D What?!? Ma' horse ain't dead, ya' know.

Anywho, here's my grim bit of Spring:

June gloom come early
Casting shadowed silhouettes
Blue skies washed in grey

Oh, and I'm UP

Good Easter and happy feasting:D

The Lovely One said...

Congratulations on your win, Karl!

We don't have much of a Spring here... it's already hot!

Not too hot or cold
For California, springtime
Only lasts three days.

Of course, the most exciting thing about Spring for my kids is the time off from school:

Teachers need a break
The children can’t concentrate
How many days left?

Have a great week!

Doom said...

Dang Raf,

Gimme my shoes back. That's my dance! Wait... I walked a bit in your shoes last time. I suppose you can wear them. You do might fine with them, better than I could muster this time by far. *grin*

I'll be by to take a look shortly. I've been so busy enjoying spring... for the first time in decades... literally. It's... amazing. I keep this up I might just sell you those shoes! Though, I hope just as part of a collection of shoes to wear. I'd hate to see you go where I am coming from, full time.

The Lovely One,

Ugh. I hate short springs. Hope your summer is worth the skip.

I don't know about you, but I remember losing focus as spring rolled around in boring ol' school. Shoe is on the other foot, keeping with my side theme, now, for you. Hope you survive it, and maybe have some fun anywhile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karl,

Been busy, but thinking about your theme. Got back yesterday from the 2-week post-op check. Doc happy and so am I. I just stowed the crutches I quit using a week ago, though still using a cane. Am moving well enough for a little very light yard work.

While I was gone, more spring harbingers arrived, thus my first haiku submittal.

New grass waves in wind.
The swallows have returned. Pting!
Sparrow wars renew.

At present Serendipity 1 House sparrows 0.

Not every young man would choose this way, however Aunt Serendipity knows the river and the techniques...

Spring Break – visit Aunt?
Ice-out trout call flyfishers.
Nephew scores big one!

Dang! Want to turn dirt.
Garden begs for turning fork.
Surgery too new.

Doom said...

That's a nice mix, Serendipity. I always love stories of a girl and her gun, too! I'm limping too, but by decisive action rather than reaction. Meh, you'll be on your feet before me, fully. If that's any consolation? Now... get out there and get one for the lame!

becca said...

Hope we are still playing got mine ready to go u tomorrow but for you here they are.

he lays and waits, prey
quiet, stillness no sound made
spring action quick paw

bare feet on dashboard
wind blowing threw my hair, free
first trip to beach, spring

Anonymous said...


One more. This ought to make you smile wryly.

Disassembling gun,
“tinggggg…pinggg…plink!” dammit lost it!
Shoulda’ used a bag.


Anonymous said...


The Colonialist left this little jewel on my site. Not sure if he meant to enter it, but I thought I should share. It tickled me.

You tickle the frog
Under the soles of his feet
That does make it spring! :)

Karl said...

Good evening friends the winner has been posted

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