Thursday, April 24, 2014

And the winner is...

Good evening Folks and welcome to Haiku Monday's wrap up. Thanks to all of you who showed up and played, even though it was a busy holiday weekend. (why do I get all the holidays?)

Doom was first in the loop with his perspective on spring providing the following:

sailing on warm breath
earth giving us a fine break
and a sunny smile

cool to warm - ready
rain and growth, green, blue, and grey
the world is calling

a step out the door
a spring in my step, a pack
on my back - go time!

Then Foam went hunting for hunters, who knew where to find their prey. However the wild turkeys seem to figure out how to hide in plain sight:

Spring! The turkey hunt!
Hunters in the wilderness,
turkeys in the 'hood

Rafael provided us with some insight to the reality of the fog that comes in off the Pacific. Locals live with it. Tourist brochures never mention it:

June gloom come early
Casting shadowed silhouettes
Blue skies washed in grey

Lovely One (last week's champion) gave us 2 from differing perspectives. She must be in southern Cal, since it's already hot. And then her perspective on children looking forward to school being out for summer. Here in the northeast, school being out for summer won't happen until July for many. My 2, who are home schooled, will be happily going by the bus stops saying; Needer Needer Needer. Since they missed no school this season. Does teacher need a break yes she does. Grandparents, a couple of airline tickets and a week off, should do it.

Not too hot or cold
For California, springtime
Only lasts three days.

Teachers need a break
The children can’t concentrate
How many days left?

Serendipity while dealing with her new hip still had time to give us a few. I'm glad to see you're progressing so well. Her first a reminder that no matter how small, each animal is looking for the biggest stick to control their own world. And sometimes that doesn't work out so well.

New grass waves in wind.
The swallows have returned. Pting!
Sparrow wars renew.
Having a good mentor, will help him to find his good catches throughout life:

Spring Break – visit Aunt?
Ice-out trout call flyfishers.
Nephew scores big one!

And her third, to my mind shows the need to be active after one has been restrained:

Dang! Want to turn dirt.
Garden begs for turning fork.
Surgery too new.

Her fourth, keeping control your parts. I know this problem well. My daughter's handgun is a Walther P22. We have yet to be able to clean it, without launching the recoil spring.

Disassembling gun,
“tinggggg…pinggg…plink!” dammit lost it!
Shoulda’ used a bag.

Becca gave us 2, one from a cat's perspective and one from a babe, heading to the beach. Her first stealth quickness and quiet. All properties I appreciate. Her second freedom and fun. Reminders of the Beach Boys or Jan and Dean come to mind. (Well, to my mind maybe not yours)

he lays and waits, prey
quiet, stillness no sound made
spring action quick paw

bare feet on dashboard
wind blowing threw my hair, free
first trip to beach, spring

And finally, Colonialist via Serendipity provided this one:

You tickle the frog
Under the soles of his feet
That does make it spring! :)

Better to tickle his feet than to slowly raise the temperature in a pot of water.

So now we come to picking the winner.

Third place goes too: Becca

bare feet on dashboard
wind blowing threw my hair, free
first trip to beach, spring

Second place goes to: Doom

sailing on warm breath
earth giving us a fine break
and a sunny smile

And our winner this week is: Foam

Spring! The turkey hunt!
Hunters in the wilderness,
turkeys in the 'hood

The Ku in this poem just struck me as fun. Thank you all for playing this week. And dear Foam, the feather blows to you.


Karl said...

Thanks for playing and see you next week.

foam said...

Really? Okay, then.... and thank you .. :-) for a fine job hosting! Congratulations to becca and Doom.
I will have a post up by tomorrow.
I'll check emails intermittently. Starting tomorrow, I will have the house full of company (ca 10 people) who will be staying for a long weekend.

Karl said...


Have them play and help judge. It could be a great way to keep company entertained and out of your hair.

foam said...

Good idea.. if I can catch their attention long enough. They are all coming for this largish music festival we have in the area.
Maybe I will tell them they owe me a haiku for each cup of joe they drink :-).

Anonymous said...

I think Karl nailed it Foam, and for all the right reasons. Have fun this weekend. The runners up, well the final cut is always difficult - glad it was Karl who had to decide. Congrats to all.


foam said...

Thank you, serendipity. Moor all those playing..
I am up with the theme.

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