Saturday, February 02, 2013

Haiku Monday: String

Welcome friends it's time for another haiku Monday. Fishy, our winner from last week apparently found my attempts at humor funny enough to give me the win for last week. Thank you! The topic this week is string. You could string me along or tug at my heartstrings or contemplate string theory, pick a tangent and take off with it.
5-7-5 format please. Leave as many as you wish, only two to judge. The cut-off time is midnight Monday Pacific time. In the consideration of our friends on the West Coast. (Boxer, hint hint)


Karl said...

The theory of strings
A point where chaos abounds
Tackle box centered

Anonymous said...

Interesting topic. Here is one for starters, Karl.


My Favorite Strings ;-)

Paracord uses:
tie downs, rappelling, towing,
field repairs. Endless.

Karl said...

Serendipity: Not to mention making macrame, manly again. What with paracord bracelets and paracord belts. Thanks for the entry.

becca said...

The ties that bind us
pull,sway,bend with the harsh storms
never do they break

Thy tongue speaks falsely
tangled in a web of lies
beware strings attached

moi said...


In out, out in, OUT!
Faster, higher, clap the beat.
Chinese jump rope rules.

fishy said...

I LOVE the rhythm of Moi's entry.
Just brilliant!

fishy said...

That thing on the string?
Is not heirloom runner beans.
Ahhhh! Kite tail fine art!

I'm up!
Good luck and happy Monday to all.

czar said...

"I Know You, Rider":
Twenty-nine strings blistering.
Bluegrass? Rock and roll.


Thanks for hosting, Sir Karl.

moi said...

@Czar: Whew. NOT jazz! This is great.

fishy said...

@ Czar
I almost wrote an ode to deliverance haiku but .... well ... really, it would be a cultural violation.

chik'ry said...

kentucky fescue
decoration; dew drops on
arachnid string art

Karl said...

Becca: Both are so true.

Moi: I can't seem to get on your site to comment, this is what I was going to leave.
Wow! Chinese jump rope sure is neat and so is your haiku.
Thinking of jump rope , This way takes less coordination.

Fishy: I would like to see a picture of the other end of the kite if you have it.

Czar: Very cool. Both haiku and the link. My father was friends with members of the band, we used to go the Birchmere to see them often. My father brother and I used to do a fair and a shun if that song. The last time my brother and I performed "Wait a minute" together for an audience was just after he passed.

Karl said...

and a shun = rendition. I just love auto correct.

Chickory: Nature's beauty stronger than steel.

Chik'ry said...

The dread C sevens
burning the persian and the
composure of elves

only 324 days until Christmas. thanks for hostin' Karl.

czar said...

@Karl: Funny. As I was writing this, I had a thought that given your proximity and estimated vintage, you might well be familiar with them. I saw them in the early '80s up at a music festival in Chickory country, and then again about a mile from my house a few years ago at another musical festival. Seeing them back in the '70s must have been something. Truly world-class musicians who could put on a great show.

Karl, the world's most interesting man, performing "Wait a Minute" for an audience. The legend grows.

And strangely enough, I knew exactly what "and a shun" meant.

chickory said...

@ CZar: thats good stuff, seldom scene. You would also like Blue Highway. -chik

Fleurdeleo said...

Hi, from my mechanical engineering conference in Boston! No visual this week.

Cracked heart, painted smile.
Bend and bob like summer wheat:
your marionette.

Aunty Belle said...

Seldom scene??? Oh chick chick chick....Mondays is rough ridin' Sir Fair? Will try to git back. Good luck to all.

Aunty Belle said...

Red faced Auntybelle. Sorry CHickory, 'tis' correct now that I see it be the band's name.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karl, looks like a good crowd gathering. Here is my second entry. I have others for fun where the visual for this one is.

With reckless abandon
cat and human play with string!
Harmless fun for both.

fishy said...

designed to be a weapon.
Now? Walkin' the Dog.

Anonymous said...

Oops, let's try this instead.

Reckless abandon -
cat and human play with string!
Harmless fun for both.

Aunty Belle said...

Not walkin' the dog,
Or popping the clutch: Yo Yo
At Goat Rodeo

Aunty Belle said...

Rebel gamers dodge
Big bucks wonder world . MineCraft:
Shoe-string indie rush!

CoreyJo said...

No computer today... so no visuals :(
Anyways, here's my 'ku...

Giggles & laughter.
Two tin cans tied with some string.
Summertime genius.

Good luck to all & congrats Karl on your win last week.


Karl said...

Chickory: The dread C sevens would be a cool name for a band.

Czar: "Estimated vintage" that's pretty good. The Seldom Scene were a great band to watch up close. I'm not sure how my father got to know them. He would go to see them, whenever he had a chance.

You think that's interesting. You should see the look on my kids faces, when I break out into spontaneous show tune in public.

Fleur: No need for a visual, your haiku paints the picture well. Have fun in Boston.

Fishy: Or breakin' the knickknack, depending on the hands it's in.

Aunty Belle: nice play on yoyo. Neat clip as well.

Funny I don't see you as a gamer. You finally found something you could do with your apple pad?

CoryJo: Again, no visual needed your haiku paints the picture well.

All: I'll be back with the write up as soon as I can. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

What a great batch of entries! Karl really inspires. Now his work is cut out for him. Good luck everyone, especially Karl!


Karl said...

Good evening folks,

The winner has been posted. Thank you all for playing.