Sunday, December 04, 2011

Haiku Monday: Time

Welcome to Haiku Monday!
A weekly contest created by Troll and attended by many fine folks. It's an exercise of intellect and generally lot of fun. Last week our host Serendipity graciously chose me as the winner.  So this week I play host again. The topic: Time. You have plenty of it and never enough. Pick your favorite perception and play. Please enjoy!

2 to be judged, 5-7-5 format.


Fleurdeleo said...

E x c e l l e n t theme!

moi said...

Very cool! I'll be up tomorrow.

Jean said...

time out of mind was
or yet to be remembered
in one-thought pieces.


once upon a time
this time seemed neverending.
all time is not ours.

I'm up at my place...thanks, Karl!

Anonymous said...

1 Corinthians 13-12

Neither clear nor fair?
You're seeing through dark glasses.
God's Law is timeless.

I'm UP.

Curmudgeon said...

Wasn't sure I could get this up. Apparently wasn't a problem

Here in the future,

fusion, peace. How do I know?

Read it twenty years ago.

Warm breast and a burp,

school, love, marriage, children.

Next time...out of time.

Curmudgeon out.

moi said...

I'm up!

Planet's birth record?
No need to time travel. Check
Canyon's grand design.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karl,

I have two:


Time etches through time;
Water carves banded castles.
Sand becomes new rock.


Time in wild places
Ticks on a different beat
It no longer counts.

Visuals are up at:

Thanks and good luck to everyone.


Karl said...

Good morning All,

Fleur: I hope you're gonna play this week. We missed you last week.

Moi: Nice tune to go with your entry.

Jean: I'll stop by soon.

Troll: Welcome back from sleaze city. If ever a town deserved a Biblical upheaving. Reidville was certainly the place.

Curmudgeon: Good to see you didn't have any trouble posting here.

Karl said...

Serendipity: Will come by a little later to see them.

Aunty Belle said...

Busy day--will be up late.
Great theme, Oh Most Interesting Man in the World : )

pamokc said...

Hi Karl! I have a two attempts so far. Plus I have some timely songs posted over on my page.

Older, wiser, but
know I have a lot to learn.
Loved every minute.

Another season
passes by while I commute.
Years move quicker now.

fishy said...

Once upon sometime
My life joined yours "forever".
How is this measured?

Time's slippage is etched
into these smiling crows feet.
Mirrors lie to me !

Rafael said...


I have just one:

Watched sun and moon turn the tides
Man invented time

I have visuals up at:

Thanks for hosting!


Aunty Belle said...

Uncle's entry:

Nineteen Eighty-five
With a flux capacitor-
Back to the future!

Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
moi said...

But, Aunty, you do have to admit, Uncle adds a special charm to the proceedings.

Aunty Belle said...

@ Moi--
mebbe, but it ain't a charm I'se happy wif' so publicly displayed--mah gracious!! so I zapped it. Heh. He can git his own blog, Moi, I reckon. Aunty been wranglin' that charm long time--heh, TIME-- an' ya see whar' that got me?? No sympathy from Moi!

czar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Curmudgeon said...

Air port security: "Wow you've had some work on those legs."
Me: "Yeah the middle of the right leg is artificial but the foot's original." (It kind of looks like someone dumped a tackle box when viewed on X-rays, I like to think it's one of a kind.)
Security with a Weird look: "Ummm... Oh."
Me:"I'm just pulling my Leg." Pa dump.
No sense of humor what so ever. I'm surprised I didn't get a full body cavity search after that.

Wow Troll, had to look that one up. Glass darkly, or dim mirror. Good one.

Auntie, I drink Bud. I never had two girls at my table unless they were lawyers. I suppose I'll have to settle for being boring and second best to Karl, however, as a kid in Denver I did swim across Sloan's lake one January in my protective gym gear with Pat Carter. We were heroes at Jefferson high for a long time.
As you can tell, interviews make me hyper. It's 60 degrees here and Hon says it's 6 degrees at home and dropping.

czar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
czar said...

@Curmy: You need to post an X-ray of your leg as a Haiku Monday visual one week. Topic doesn't matter. We'll make it work.

czar said...

My apologies, Karl, for all the detritus. As a gracious host and most recent winner, you deserve better.

I'm up with an optional visual/video.

Deadlines, mortgages:
Accordion-like squeezes,
But like trolley cars . . .

Tomorrow — flexing
Like a whore — and tomorrow.
Shakespeared; lad insane.

Curmudgeon said...

Wow my first haiku had way too many syllables to save you the time in counting Karl. Like I said, hyper.

Fleurdeleo said...

"Flexing like a whore?" Is that supposed to sound Shakespearean? Really, Csar, I thought you went to charm school/summer camp??

Here is my entry:

Second hand sweeps.
My pulse thrums like summer rain;
one beat skips for you.

CoreyJo said...

Hello Karl,

Precious Moments:

Giggles & Laughter.
Here one minute, gone the next.
Where did the time go?

Sorry no time for visuals this week.


Good luck all!

czar said...

Karl: You requested an explanation of one of the haiku. I've posted one in the comments box at the blog.

@Fleur: Gee, Fleur, with friends like you . . . Never went to charm school, but I did go to summer camp, and in that fabled summer that I've written you about, we were listening to this exact song, as a matter of fact.

Do I need to give you a music lesson, Fleur, as you did with me with your KISS haiku?

Curmudgeon said...

Jeez! two 7's in one and three 5,s in the other. I gotta start taking time on these. I'll get it right next week, sorry Karl.

chickory said...

karl. i couldnt. but anxiously awaiting your verdict.

Karl said...

The winner has been posted.

Thanks to all of you who played.

Chickory: I understand you have a lot on your plate. We'll see you next week.