Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Haiku Monday: The Winner

Good evening Campers,

Time for the recap. A most interesting competition this week. I don't think I've ever had so many deleted comments. Nor did I understand that time or the passage thereof seems to bother some folks. Being of the belief that you can stop it. Going with the flow seems to be the best way to deal with time's passage. Maintain oneself as best you can and enjoy the ride. Ok enough of all that, let's get on with it.

Jean was first into the fray with:

Time out of mind was
or yet to be remembered
in one-thought pieces.

Once upon a time
this time seemed neverending.
all time is not ours.

A most interesting lamentation of time going by. She had two others on her site, well worth the read if you can stop by.

Troll having just returned from the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, presented us with:

Neither clear nor fair?
You're seeing through dark glasses.
God's Law is timeless.

The most interesting reality that all that happens isn't necessarily clear or fare.

Curmudgeon jumped in with, delay that. Hobbled in with:

Here in the future,
fusion, peace. How do I know?
Read it twenty years ago.

Warm breast and a burp,
school, love, marriage, children.
Next time...out of time

Well his syllable counts were problematic, his sentiments were good. I hope to see fusion, however it's not likely in our lifetimes. At least not on a usable scale. I think your second one catches many of us directly in the crosshairs of reality.

Moi composed:

Planet's birth record?
No need to time travel. Check
Canyon's grand design

To my mind an ode to the sedimentary record mother nature has left us in the beauty that is the Grand Canyon.

Serendipity brought forth two:

Time etches through time;
Water carves banded castles.
Sand becomes new rock.

Time in wild places
Ticks on a different beat
It no longer counts

Also extolling the timeless beauty of mother nature.

Pam gave us:

Older, wiser, but
know I have a lot to learn.
Loved every minute.

Another season
passes by while I commute.
Years move quicker now

Reminding us that you're never too old to learn and that while our commutes progressively get slower, our perception of time seems to get faster. Not weak at all.

Fishy composed:

Once upon sometime
My life joined yours "forever".
How is this measured?

Time's slippage is etched
into these smiling crows feet.
Mirrors lie to me

Blowfish is a lucky man. None of us know how forever is measured, however if there's an afterlife. I'm hoping you get to pick your age. Myself I'm going for mid thirties the returned from the mirror wasn't too bad then.

Rafael presented

Watched sun and moon turn the tides
Man invented time

A most accurate depiction for no other creature is obsessed with time the way we are.

Uncles entry:

Nineteen Eighty-five
With a flux capacitor-
Back to the future!

This one seems to have started a most interesting exchange that got Aunty Belle so flustered she didn't produce one of her own. Humorous but we miss her participation. Sure would like to get my own flux capacitor working.

Czar composed:

Deadlines, mortgages:
Accordion-like squeezes,
But like trolley cars . . .

Tomorrow — flexing
Like a whore — and tomorrow.
Shakespeared; lad insane.

In my slow minded way, I had to ask for some explanation which he graciously provided. And in the one that can fit the term "flexing like a whore" into anything deserves a pat on the back. Sir your ability to engage subplots would have made Shakespeare proud.

Fluer's entry:

Second hand sweeps.
My pulse thrums like summer rain;
one beat skips for you.

I'm glad you could play this week, your laments of the heart of are always touching.

And speaking of touching CoryJo's:

Giggles & Laughter.
Here one minute, gone the next.
Where did the time go

We never know where the time has gone. One day we look up and everything is changed. Not necessarily for the bad, just different. You have lots of time with giggles and laughter left. And with the three new additions to your family there will be plenty more. Congratulations.

While I'm normally drawn to the natural, Moi, Rafael and Serendipity. I find that a bond of partners through time is not only important, but for me right now, timely.

Fishy you've won it with:

Once upon sometime
My life joined yours "forever".
How is this measured?

Please let us know that you will host next week and provide a topic. I would suggest posting here and Toll's so that everyone gets the link.

Thank you all for playing!


Karl said...

Congratulations Fishy!

Aunty Belle said...


I luved this one too, Sir Karl. Most endearin'.

moi said...

Another splendid hosting job, SeƱor Karl. Fishy's made me stop in my tracks and nod my head. Nicely done and it can be read in several different ways. Congrats, Fishy!

(And If I had my way with Time, I'd be 38 forever.)

Jean said...

Beautifully done, Fishy!

Karl, you make a mahhhhhvelous host :-)

czar said...

Bravo and bravissima.

serendipity said...

Great recap Karl. Thanks for hosting.

Congratulations Fishy! Well said.


CoreyJo said...

Congrats Fishy! Wonderful Haiku.

Great hosting Karl, and thank you. I definitely have my hands full with the three of them.


Pam said...

Congrats Fishy! I loved that haiku and thought it a clever clever take on the subject. And not melancholy at all!

Aunty Belle said...

Karl youse such a romantic!

Santa is sure to include somethin' frilly or fragrant or shiny or soft fer Mrs Karl.

(On bread machines, I is hopeless)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Fishy, again! Good hosting Karl, again!

chickory said...

Yay fishy!!! I loved it and always a nice job of hosting, Karl.

Rafael said...

Congrats Fishy!!

Perhaps more so for you "forever" than your poem...haiku's come and go, but forever is, well, FOREVER!!



P.S. I'm on less than a year, but sometimes it feels like forever other times like a millisecond...what's up with THAT?!?

Fleurdeleo said...

Fishy, beautiful haiku. Congratulations! Good job, Karl!

fishy said...

Wow Karl!
Now you really MUST post an image of your mid thirties self smiling back from the mirror!

Yay! to the win, I am surprised. A fine job of theme selection and hosting charm clearly stimulates enhanced creativity from us all.

The "lucky" Blowfish and I will be delighted to host Haiku Monday next week. We'll post a subject a little later this week.

Karl said...

Good morning Folks,

My apologies for not responding to comments. But became quite busy after posting this and have not had a chance to get back. Thank you all for playing.

@ Moi: Have you made it to 38 yet?

Aunty Belle: on Boxer and Moi's recommendations I've given up on the bread machine. Plus all of them have nonstick coating. Mrs. K won't cook with anything that has nonstick coatings. And yes, she will get something frilly as well.

@ Fishy: Sorry but I've never taken a picture of myself in the mirror.

fishy said...

Happy Saturday Karl,
Haiku Monday's theme is "Silver".
Y'all come.

Aunty Belle said...

Hello? Yoo hoo! Anyboody live heah? Hello?

Oh, well, Merry Christmas to all Karl's Kin!

Karl said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Aunty Belle.

Are you trying to tell me I've been remiss in posting?

Aunty Belle said...

jes' a wee bit....but I'se a patient sort. reckon ya' been busy.hope ya git a few days off now to enjoy yore family.