Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Haiku Monday: The Winner

Good evening, well here we are another haiku Monday has come and gone. Time to pick a winner.

First bit of a recap:

Boxer jumped in first with:

Even as she sleeps
a thousand thoughts and feelings
are etched in her face

Not sure whether she's talking about herself or Coco either way I like this one.


Duck—here come her hands!"
Sorry! Mute without them. Blame
Latin genetics.

Her visual made it fit perfectly.

Then Czar popped in with:

Pooch’s extreme itch:
“Try expressing anal glands?”
Maybe you . . . Not me.

And thankfully he didn't post a visual.

And with:

Attempts fail: Quick jolt
desire reveals vocab lapse.
“Expresso”? Next, please.

Yes sir, coffee before speech can often be prudent.

Curmudgeon was next with:

Chill wind and headaches
Icy cold, fingers frozen
Pain wrinkles my face


Thank you DMV
Triplets are in my future
or so I appear.

Both expressions we all likely know well. Perhaps not the folks from Florida. If you haven't had a chance to stop by Curmudgeons, you should. He's quite an entertaining writer.

Serendipity gave us:

As free as a bird;
More than just an expression,
It’s elemental.


Happy expression,
Molly’s vole dance is pure joy.
A dog’s morning play.

The visual for Molly's dance was indeed pure joy.

Fleur's haiku was:

Geisha's winter face.
Frozen lake with life beneath
cracks under his kiss.

How you manage to find those Geisha's, I don't know, yet the comedic relief was perfect.

Pam entered with:

The look on his face
did not match with what he said.
Liar expressions.


Expression of love:
tiny boy child sees grammy
and smiles, her heart melts.

Not at all weak attempts. The kireji in the last line of your first one was well done and anyone who's seen the face of Caleb knows exactly the sentiment of your second.

Troll interrupted his vacation to give us a front row seat to what has become national news:

All they should say is:
"Gentlemen, Start your engines!".
Moochelle gave speeches.

You really have to wonder, what they were thinking. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to participate.

Fishy gave us:

Hitchin' his britches,
straw chewin' sloucher whistles...
Blam! Killed in one look

An ode to the movie cowboy or perhaps the radio cowboy. As one passed in a very similar fashion on Gunsmoke, Sunday night on the radio.

K9 presented two:

Movement, abstraction,
uniquely American;
Pollock's expression


Hated Facebook
expression: duck lips kissing
in bathroom mirror

The first one I understood immediately, the second I have yet to figure out. Perhaps an inside joke between she and Moi.

Foam serenaded us with:

Sublime sounds caress...
A riveted audience.
Bach's St. John Passion

Bach's beautiful expression of his faith. Give it a listen you won't be sorry.

Aunty Belle being cryptic as she can be at times gave us the mathematical question:

XY + 2X?
May or December it's still

To which I have to answer. Perhaps, yet I would enter the equation. K+D=4. I particularly enjoyed the Einstein visual.

And finally Corey Joe. Don't worry, you're worth waiting for. She gave us:

Cookies & milk gone.
The presents under the tree.
Children squeal: Pure Joy.

The expression of children's faces on Christmas morn. She must have the children, we all like to think about.

So now you're thinking where is he going with all this. Well I'll tell you. Thank you all for playing this week. Boxer and Foam your runner's this week. And Foam thank you, I had not heard the entire piece before now, I have because of you.

Serendipity, you win it this week with Redtail, Your expression of freedom of flight is most appealing. So grab your badge and post it proudly.

Please let us know if you will host and your topic for next week. A question to the collective, should the next contest be postponed due to the holiday weekend?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


Karl said...

Congratulations Serendipity!

K9 said...

wonderful!!! Karl, nice job hosting. And serendipity? Well done. So glad you joined us, your haiku was lovely -and traditional in its attention to nature.

Aunty Belle said...

Terrific Serendipity! Well, done!

Looking forward to yore theme.

Very fine hosting, Karl...
uh. K+ D= 4?

: ) Thas' a very nice visual, Karl.

Curmudgeon said...

Woo Hoo, Red. You bad! Congratulations!

Boxer said...

always the bridesmaids, never the bride,



Serendipity's was awesome and you had a difficult job of judging. The truth is? I'm terrified of winning because that means I'd have to host.

All Hail Serendipity!!

CoreyJo said...

Congratulations Serendipity! Connecting them to nature is usually my fail stop. Great Job!

Wonderful hosting skills Karl, and yes I have those children. Playing Santa is one of the most rewarding things in parenting.


p.s. I'm with you Boxer about winning, yet I can't help but play!

Anonymous said...


Wow, I am honored! I'll be happy to host now I have a site to host on.

If your straw poll shows people want to postpone a week that is fine, but otherwise, I'll provide a theme and off we'll go. It might be a couple days. I have family visiting through the holiday and am headed for another peek at the Tetons tomorrow. I'll be cooking dinner Thursday, which will allow me plenty of time to think of a good theme.

I have been having fun with this - it is such a great break from the technical writing I normally do!

Thanks y'all for letting me in to play.


Pam said...

Congrats Serendipity, great haiku and thanks Karl for excellent hosting and re-cap! Re K9's duckface expression haiku -- I got it immediately. Well, for me anyway, it is that look people make as they look in the mirror and snap their own photo with their I-phone and then post as a profile pic. Everyone seems to have that same expression! As always, hysterically spot-on social commentary from the Barky Dog! Having said all that, she might have some other definition for it!

foam said...

congrats, serendipity!
and thanks for a wonderful hosting job,karl. i saw the entire st john passion performed this weekend in the nosebleed section of a restored neoclassical 1929 silent movie theatre. the balcony area was steep and cramped and despite my issues with heights and claustrophobia i did not notice after a while due to the performance.

i'm with boxer .. especially the winning and hosting part .. :) (although I did do it once)

czar said...

I'm thinking, "Where's that Internet scratch 'n' sniff technology when you need it to put you over the top in Haiku Monday?"

No regrets, no disagreements. Nice job, Serendipity and Karl.

If we proceeded with the contest this weekend, I'm sure I'd participate on the post-Thanksgiving Monday, maybe with something a little less distasteful.

Anonymous said...

Great haiku, Serendipity. Great hosting, Karl.

LaDivaCucina said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Karl!

moi said...

Thanks for hosting, Karl, and congrats, Serendipity! A terrific haiku that hit all the right notes. I'm fine with playing this week, but it's your call.

Karl, I think the face K9 is referring to is the one made by many women who, with the advent of Facebook, blogs, and other social media sites, all of a sudden decided that this, THIS face, an attempt at porno-fried commodification made mainstream, was the one they wanted to present to the world. But K9 can correct me if I'm wrong.

fishy said...

Yes indeed Serendipity rocked this subject. Don't we all hope for elemental freedoms?

Great job Karl, it sure brought out a range. I see I missed the mark with mine as I never gave cowboys a thought! It was meant to be a play on the cliche "if looks could kill". Every woman I know who has had her privacy violated by oogling whistlers has longed for this ability.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...


Hi, the theme for this week is “ENERGY/ENERGIZE”.

There seem so many possibilities I am looking forward to seeing what this diverse and clever group can do with this theme. You need not include the word “energy/energize” so long as your meaning is clear.

Please submit up to 2 haiku in 5-7-5 format in the comments section at

If you wish to post a visual please include a link so we can view your visual.

Have fun,


Karl said...

All: Sorry for the slow reply, ran out of time before the holiday.

K9: Thanks.

Aunty Belle: Karl + Mrs.K = Our family.

Curmudgeon: No she's good.

Boxer: You would be a fine host.

CoryJo: Then you're very lucky, Enjoy it.

Serendipity: Looks to me like everyone wants to play. And you picked a fine topic.

Pam: I think I understand. Although it begs the question. With all these high tech phones. Don't they have a timer button?

Foam: Glad you enjoyed it. For me, heights and tight places are no big deal. But I hate sitting in crowds.
I remember when you've hosted, you did a fine job.

Czar: There are some technologies that are highly overrated. I think scratch and sniff would fit the category.

Troll: Thanks

LaDiva: And to you.

Moi: I think I got it. (see comment to Pam)

Fishy: Well, I sure blew that one, didn't I. A catcaller never crossed my mind.

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