Sunday, November 20, 2011

Haiku Monday: Expression

Welcome to Haiku Monday!
A weekly competition created by Troll and attended by many fine folks. It's an exercise of intellect and generally lot of fun. Last week our host Moi graciously chose me as the winner(I think this had to do with sympathy for certain amount of razzing) so this week I play host. The topic: Expression

The noun "Expression"
has nine senses, for your fun.
Pick and choose wisely.

Please submit up to 2 haiku in 5-7-5 format in the comments section. If you wish to post a visual please include a link where it may be seen. Again welcome and have fun.


Karl said...

Hope y'all have fun.

Boxer said...

I'm up with visuals, which is Coco only becasue I didn't have the guts to put me up. :-)

Even as she sleeps
a thousand thoughts and feelings
are etched in her face

moi said...
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moi said...

Good evening, Karl. I'm up at my blob with a visual. Thanks for hosting; should be another fun festival of haiku!

"Duck—here come her hands!"
Sorry! Mute without them. Blame
Latin genetics.

Karl said...

Boxer: Hmm, a double meaning. May they be not troubled thoughts.

czar said...

Good evening, Karl. Thanks for hosting.

Pooch’s extreme itch:
“Try expressing anal glands?”
Maybe you . . . Not me.


Attempts fail: Quick jolt
desire reveals vocab lapse.
“Expresso”? Next, please.

Boxer said...

to Czar; that is one job I have no problem paying the Vet to do. Just sayin'.

czar said...

@Boxer: My list of "I'd rather write a check" duties is ridiculously long. Ignorance and avoidance come with high price tags, I'm afraid.

Fleurdeleo said...

Csar, I'm a fan, but your first haiku really lacks any kind of aesthetic beauty.

czar said...

@Fleur: Was not one of your first haiku about watching some dog do his business on the streets of Gotham, before you started mining the emotional realm? Don't make me dredge it up.

Or am I mixing correspondence?

It's all part of God's creation . . . from beautiful sunsets to canine anal glands. We can't sit in judgment of God's good works.

Curmudgeon said...

Chill wind and headaches

Icy cold, fingers frozen

Pain wrinkles my face

Thank you DMV

Triplets are in my future

or so I appear.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karl,

Well, it looks like it has already started...

Here is one with a little more beauty, I hope.


As free as a bird;
More than just an expression,
It’s elemental.


Visual at:

K9 said...

LOL @ Czar

Fleurdeleo said...

Csar, I might have had a clunker or two haiku-wise, but you will dredge all day before you find anything as inelegant as you suggest.

You are thinking of a blog post, and I don't think I wrote anything more graphic than "curbing your dog." Nice try!

Fleurdeleo said...

I do have a visual up.

Geisha's winter face.
Frozen lake with life beneath
cracks under his kiss.

Curmudgeon said...

Fleur loved the geisha's on your sight.

I reread my second one and It didn't seem to express my snide gratitude of my driver's license picture very clearly. If I wasn't so lazy I'd have put up a visual.

Some of these visuals are really showing a huge contribution especially Boxers.

Czar your first one doesn't really need a visual, please.

Curmudgeon said...

There, I put up a visual!

Anonymous said...

Molly's Vole Dance

Happy expression,
Molly’s vole dance is pure joy.
A dog’s morning play.


Visual is up at:

(A vole is a short-tailed rodent like a mouse. Molly loves to mouse, then play with her victim like a cat will. Her antics are amazing to watch. Flying dog.)

moi said...

@Czar: I have nothing to say about the first one except I had Beagles once. Yew. Second one: syllable check, dude! (But I like it).

@Serendipity: What a sweet dog!

czar said...

@Moi: Syllables checked. Thanks.

fishy said...

Czar's brain is askew!
Eeeewwww to his graphic haiku.
He should be squeez'd blue.

moi said...

@Czar: I stand corrected. Thanks :o) But, dang it, I can't help it. I still hear sy-her.

pam said...

A couple of weak attempts from me!

The look on his face
did not match with what he said.
Liar expressions.

Expression of love:
tiny boy child sees grammy
and smiles, her heart melts.

Aunty Belle said...

@ Fleur


@ Moi
ya speak Southern, thas' all

Pam OKC...awwww.

Thanks fer hostin' Sir Karl--hoe to git back heah ( two syllables" he-ah/ here) wif' an entry afore midnight.

Anonymous said...


All they should say is:
"Gentlemen, Start your engines!".
Moochelle gave speeches.

Up with explanation.

Karl said...

Good evening All,

Is it just me or has this place gone to the dogs? I mean that in a good way. A smile has been my expression throughout, well mostly.

Entries may be submitted until midnight PST. Judging will be posted tomorrow evening or possibly Wednesday morning. (I've had a schedule change that might delay posting.)

fishy said...

Hitchin' his britches,
straw chewin' sloucher whistles...
Blam! Killed in one look :-)

K9 said...

For Moi:

Movement, abstraction,
uniquely American;
Pollock's expression

foam said...

Sublime sounds caress...

A riveted audience.

Bach's St. John Passion

K9 said...

Hated Facebook
expression: duck lips kissing
in bathroom mirror

moi said...

Aw, thanks, K9! I still want to riddle his canvases with bullet holes, though :o)

Aunty Belle said...

XY + 2X?
May or December it's still

cryptic? visual at

CoreyJo said...

Oh my, I'm really coming in late aren't I? This was a hard theme for me, but I didn't give up. Sorry, no time for visuals this week. I know it's a bit early in the season, but it's what's on my mind.

Cookies & milk gone.
The presents under the tree.
Children squeal: Pure Joy.

Good luck everyone.

Karl said...

Good evening All,

The winner has been announced.