Friday, April 29, 2011

Bird update

Good morning,

Over at Fishy'sthere was a discussion about sharing the planet and I mentioned some of the birds I share the neighborhood with and she asked for some pictures. Well it's taken me forever but I have a few for you.
This is one of the osprey that live in the area and enjoy the masthead perch of the many sailboats around.

This is the nest underneath the aft stairway, although I haven't seen the hen in a longtime, two drake's have been hanging out near the boat. The photos below this one are of the two just after they walked off the fore deck and back onto the dock.

And last, Moi had mentioned hearing ospreys and the noise they can make. I thought you should get the chance to hear them as well. This is not nearly as loud as usual. Sorry no shots of the barn swallows I just haven't been able to get the little beggars to sit still. Last night when I came home it was dark and I was walking down the dock. There was a blue heron near as tall as I am, fishing on a finger pier. Needless to say we were both startled. Enjoy your weekend.


Boxer said...

Yay! A bird post. I saw a heron in the water last weekend and it's a rare sighting for us. I don't think we have Osprey out here and I wish we did. Very pretty birds. We have seagulls. Lots and lots of seagulls.

Karl said...

Boxer: Ask and ye shall receive. Herons are so much fun to watch. They're so patient and deliberate. Be careful what you wish. While Osprey are fun to watch, the constant Peep, peep, peep, can get on your nerves. We have seagulls too, lots of them.

Pam said...

I love this post! Next time, how about a tour of the sailboats?

We get seagulls here too, usually hanging out at the landfills.

Aunty Belle said...

WOnderful post ! What does it eat? An' I love that ya talk to it>>..

Karl said...

Pam: I'm pleased you do. The sailboat is an idea, let me think about that one.

An other name for a seagull is a flying rat.

Aunty Belle: Primarily they eat fish. Funny how once I said they were being quiet, that she perked up and started calling.

Buzz Kill said...

uuuurrrrpp! I started getting queezy from the camera shake. Bwahahaha I guess you get use to all that chirping - not. Thanks for sharing your nautical views.

Anonymous said...

I like to watch Ospreys in flight. And bald eagles. Cool stuff.

In Troll County, bald eagles eat mostly fish.

K9 said...

lucky Karl! listen to that voice! Water people are so lucky. They get songbirds and waterbirds. Osprey are gorgeous majestic birds of florida they are everywhere but most evident with the big nests on top of the massive electrical structures...i dont know what they are called! the giant things.

I see herons now and then in the city - there is an old beaver pond near my ATL house.

I dont see swallows though. and i have a barn! grrrrrrr

Enjoyed this post.

Karl said...

Buzz Kill: It's an old camera, plus the zoom was all the way in. Add the motion of 2 boats and you get the shaking. No you don't get use to the noise.

Troll:Near here there it a Bald Eagle nest with an Osprey close to it. It's fun to watch them fight over fish.

K9: Voice not what you were expecting? I think you mean transmission towers.

Herons are neat birds. So are the Barn Swallows. Hope you get some.

Pearl said...

I have a "thing" for birds, particularly large ones in the wild. Great pic of the osprey.

I work downtown Minneapolis, and there's a falcon, I believe, that nests on the 50th floor. As I am on the 48th, it's not unusual for me to see a very large bird swoop by every now and then. I love it.


Karl said...

Pearl: Welcome! Looking down at a swooping bird instead of looking up, must give an interesting point of view

moi said...

Hah! I love the way the osprey starts off slowly and softly and then ramps itself up into what I would consider a "medium" chirp. Lovely creature and how lucky are you to see so many wonderful birds?

Except for seagulls. Those dudes I'd like to turn into a tasty snack. Many, many years ago, during a visit to Stockholm, I decided to enjoy my boxed lunch outside on the grass, waterside. And within minutes, one swooped down and actually stole my sandwich. Stupid socialist birds.

Karl said...

Moi: What you can't hear is the other osprey about 1/4 mile away on another masthead. Their conversing with each other. Once the chicks come their vocals change they start to sound more like parents. When the check start to fly the change again. Then the tone is more of a proud parent saying look what my child can do. The birds around are one of the many are reasons I remind myself every day how lucky I am.

I can't imagine a seagull being a tasty snack, what nasty birds they are. I would consider eating one if I was in a life raft and starving, other than that, thank you no. Stealing a whole sandwich is pretty bold. I wish people would stop feeding the bloody things, it only makes them worse.

Karl said...

That should say "When the chicks start to fly they change again."

Once again the editor is asleep that the wheel.

Big Shamu said...

Thanks for the dockside visit. I know seagulls are annoying but it's not the same not hearing their voices.

Have a plump softshell for me.

Karl said...

Shamu: Nice to see you! You should have heard it the other morning. The Osprey, Gulls and Geese all started calling just before sunup, quite a symphony.

Tis the season, full moon was the 17th. Do you prefer a platter or sandwich?

Big Shamu said...

A platter right about now would do me just fine.