Monday, May 02, 2011

Haiku Monday: Favorite lyrics

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
His final word Götterfunken
Spark of divinity

Haiku Monday is a weekly contest, where individuals write Haiku in the 5-7-5 format. If you want to try your hand at Haiku or simply want to read some very entertaining Haiku stop by Troll Stroll and catch up with this weeks entries. Last week Moi was the winner and she chose best song lyric for the topic this week.


fishy said...

How does one pronounce that "last word"?

Karl said...

Fishy: Listen here at the 7 second mark

Boxer said...

I love "spark of divinty."

chickory said...

interesting that a japanese anime image was paired with this music! im feeling a bit gotterfunken myself today. lovely haiku to a fine work of art. Good Luck, Karl!

(i was talking about the Ospreys voice in the post before...LOL)

Karl said...

Boxer: Thanks!

Chickory: I didn't understand the anime either, I chose it because they use the full chorus. Thank you.

I see. Peep, peep, peep.

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Buzz Kill said...

I never took the time to figure out what some of those words were in Ode to Joy. I usually sing dadadadadadadadadada da dada.

Mini hydroelectrics for the home huh. You weren't in Pakistan last night were you? bwahahaha

Aunty Belle said...

Wow. speechless. (but not typeless)

Someday I want to hear this in the amphitheater that inspired it:
Such' ihn über'm Sternenzelt!
Über Sternen muss er wohnen.

Lovely, Karl, really lovely. Of course, in the more common lyrics set to this symphonic exaltation, I knows ya' wuz drawn to the "flashing sea"

Echo must say "spark of divinity" sounds, well, more divine that gotterfunken.

@ chick9

mebbe Karl an his osprey or green heron or both should mount a recon mission to the NGMLF.
An K9? show us yore gotterfunkechicken.

Aunty Belle said...

@ BuzzK

Heh....I thought the same, an had meself a chuckle that some seals wuz so far inland.

Aunty Belle said...

sorry, but I canna depart wif'out a snarky political comment.

Really now, did the EU have to pirate this glory filled music fer their illegitimate union. Gag.

Karl said...

Buzz Kill: I know what you mean, I listen and still don't hear the words.

What do mini hydroelectrics and Pakistan have to do with each other? No sir, I was at home with my teddy bear and my lovely wife. Although a family member or 2 may have been near.

Aunty Belle: Thank you, Ah for time travel. Imagine what it would be like, to hear this symphony for the first time.

May I remind. SEa, Air and Land, wherever the mission requires their presence.

You would think with all that money, they could come up with an original tune.

foam said...

An absolute favorite!! And I still have it as a single ... somewhere anyway.

moi said...

Love me some Ninth. It's a regular Sunday morning serenade around Moi's house. Friedrich Schiller wrote the poem upon which the chorus is based, although he later dismissed this particular work as embarrassingly "popular." But I think it's beautiful, the first stanza especially.

Thanks for participating with a wonderful and wonderfully inspired haiku.

Intuitive Eggplant said...

A fine piece, Karl! And a fine haiku!

Gotta chuckle at the associated google ads, though - what would I need with a piano mover from Green Bay :)

Happy Haiku Monday!

Princess said...

Nice work Karl... Inspirational piece of music....

Anonymous said...


Karl said...

Foam: Hmm a single, I never thought of the symphony being broken down and sold in segments.

Moi: I remember you mentioned enjoying the ninth. And no I'm not sucking up to the judge. It's my favorite piece of music. "Embarrassingly popular" what an understatement.

Eggy: What do any of us need with most of the stuff that gets advertised? I guess somebody buys it. Hope you start getting some sunshine soon.

Princess: Thanks. And thanks again for your suggestion of the tire garden. I have 3 double tire planters with potatoes in them. The plants seem to be doing quite well.

Troll: Thank you sir.