Monday, December 06, 2010

Just a few things:

Have you heard about the recent shark attacks in Egypt? An interesting theory has been proposed as to the cause: "Environmentalists warned that the string of recent attacks is likely a result of the Red Sea's declining ecosystem. Gabar, the head of the CDWS, said he's seen a jump in the number of sharks off Egypt's Red Sea coast, which he said could be caused by overfishing, which could force sharks to swim closer to shore in search of food." This could be an interesting form of payback from mother nature, for us not taking care of the bounty supplied to us.

And speaking of things that will come back to bite you:

Labor unions had their time in the United States, that time is over. They now impede business and drive jobs off our shores. Their management is as corrupt, if not more so than the folks running Wall Street. Now to have the administration implementing programs like this so that they can keep decisions of who to support out of the hands of the people and to pay back the thugs that helped get them into office. Policies like this one will be job killers not job creators. I have written my senators and representatives to voice opposition to the pro union stance taken by this president and Congress. I urge any of you to contract your representatives. Tell them to stop it!

Onto science:

After extensive testing and personal sacrifice (someone had to taste them all) I can state that there is no difference in the taste of a pie baked with cheap vodka as compared to expensive vodka. This test was conducted with apple cherry pecan and pumpkin pie. All of which have proved to be most delicious, regardless of the cost of vodka used. I just thought you should know.

And now a survey:

I'm considering upgrading my cell phone, the one I have now can do e-mail and basic web searches. However it's proving to be inadequate. So here's the question; What type of cell phones to you use and would you recommend them to others?

Have a fine day!


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to do a post on the Obamanation's Department of Labor because I don't want to get on the "Enemies List."

I will say here that the fellow in the video barely scratched the surface on the nefarious and unconstitutional actions being encouraged there.

Many of my clients are going through things most would associate with a corrupt banana republic.

Some have stated, corrrectly, that uncertainty over taxes is paralyzing small businesses. But I maintain that uncertainty as to the regulatory environment is a bigger factor.

With the HR compliance regulatory agencies being the worst of all.

Karl said...

Troll: I have written enough on this subject and sent it directly to the parties conducting these witch hunts, that I am surely already on the list.

I agree with you that he barely scratches the surface. It seems to be a doctrine used throughout, since the people are voting their social agenda out of office. Using bureaucracy to back door the policies is buying them time to implement more and more of the agenda. Just look at immigration and the non enforcement policy.

The regulatory environment is most certainly driving jobs out of the country. It's not just the cheaper work force, it's all the stifling overhead that comes with keeping up with the regulations.

In your recent post about spam. I had left a comment(that was lost somewhere in the cyber ozone) saying most of the spam, I get is from companies trying too make a buck teaching people how to deal with federal regulations. There's a reason it's a huge market.

Buzz Kill said...

Wait, you put vodka in pies? This is truely a revelation because I never heard of that before.

And I'm with you on the unions. The NJ teachers union is absolutely killing us with their contracts that include tenure clauses and lifetime pension and healthcare. All of which is paid out of property taxes. I pay a shade under $10K a year because of them.

moi said...

I don't have to tell you how I feel about unions, misguided environmental regulations, and government oversight of anything in general, but I do so love booze in pies. I've just never heard of vodka being that booze. Does Boxer know?

I'm on a Crackberry. I'm meh about it. That's because I remain ever hopeful that eventually Verizon and Apple will link up and I'll be united with my precious iPhone. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that my Apple-hating tech head spousal unit is about to thwart my efforts and present me with a Droid.

Karl said...

Buzz Kill: The Vodka is to increase the level of moisture in the dough, so as to make it easy to handle and form. And unlike extra water it inhibits the formation of extra gluten that would cause the pie crust become tough. Once it's done its job most of it evaporates.

Public sector unions are a whole problem into themselves. Below is the text of correspondence sent to my senators and the other senators that appeared to be wavering on this subject:
Dear Senator Xwz,

Here it is, another bill for big labor, S.3991. Labor unions are part of what is destroying the economy in this country. Try to remember back when the unions in Baltimore drove the business from Sparrows Point and when their actions, sent huge amounts of business to Norfolk. They weren't good for the country then. And support of public sector unions is stifling the ability of municipal governments to balance their budgets. Look at California and New York. They are an unfair burden on the American taxpayer.

Please vote no on S.3991.


If you have a few minutes send your senators something similar. Instead of working on the budget or reducing the national debt, they're about to do a closure vote on this bill.

Karl said...

Moi: if you've got a minute send a quick something to your senator they're getting ready to vote on it. Please see my comment to Buzz regarding the vodka and yes I've mentioned it to Boxer.

I have looked at the blackberry with the keyboard, but the keys are way too small for my hands. I could go with an iPhone, except I don't own an IAnything and frankly, I'm afraid to make the jump. I haven't looked at a Droid yet.

Pam said...

I can't talk politics because my head might explode. However, I did hear our new Congressman speak before the election and he said that was the thing he heard from business leaders the most -- that regulation is killing them. It was a 'lighten up and get out of our way, and we'll get the economy turned around' kind of message he had been hearing.

Re phones: I have a cheapy pay-as-you-go phone with keyboard to do texts. I do not want to pay for a big plan to get online. Because I can do that with my super-nifty IPOD Touch (the new 4th generation will do Jetson's style video phone calls) ... all I need is a wifi connection somewhere and I have all the features of an Iphone, just without phone service and built-in camera. All for about $200 with no monthly fees whatsoever. Am very happy with it because I do have wifi at home and at work, so am usually covered. Am not a big phone talker anyway. I have to do that all day every day, so just refuse to get involved on the cell too much. But with the IPOD touch, I can check all my e-mail accounts, do Facebook, read blogs, etc etc.