Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday: Best Detective Movie

Well folks it's time for another weekly installment of Movie Clip Wednesday, hosted by Milk River Madman If you wish to play. Post a clip on your site. Try to make it 3 minutes or less, then stop by MRM's site say I'm up, with the title of your movie. You can also see who else is playing. And find some very interesting and differing perspectives on a single topic. The topic for this week is: Detective movie. Well as most of you know my favorite detective is the Thin Man. However since someone in the group already used a clip from him (Gee thanks Troll) you're not going to get see William Powell or Myrna Loy here. Instead you're going to get my next favorite detective: Charlie Chan. The clips below a feature Sidney Toler and Roland Winters the two actors that portrayed Charlie Chan in most of the films that I have seen. There have been 13 different actors since 1926 that've played this role. The plots weren't great, but if you listened for the double meaning or the innuendo these movies were very entertaining. Please enjoy. The clips are short and good for a grin.


Boxer said...

I'm conflicted by the Charlie Chan series.... using non Asian actors seems odd in current times although it was very "Hollywood" back then. That said, I enjoyed watching these as a kid on TV. I nearly picked Sam Spade movies, but went with something a little more contemporary. Good picks and a very Happy MCW!

moi said...

Fascinating stuff, these oldies. More so when you consider that the span of time between then and now isn't all that long historically, but it's like eons culturally. Enjoyed these. Happy MCW, Karl!

Karl said...

Boxer: Not all the title roles were played by non Asians. The earlier movies had Asians stars, although they weren't as successful as the later movies. And these movies were the steppingstone for two very successful careers of Asian actors: Keye Luke and Victor Sen Yung. Like you, I just took them for what they are, fun to watch.

Moi: Yes you're correct, a blink of the eye for one and major changes for the other. Glad you enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

Nice choice! My fave Chan was Peter Sellers though.

Didn't know "Thin Man" was your fave!

K9 said...

ahhhhh, Chan. Many a saturday morning was spent with him. The still seems as exotic now as they did then -and unexpected and fun choice. Interesting commentary by moi and boxer.

Happy mcw!

my entry is here


I remember watching these and thinking..he's not 'Chinese'....but I liked the humor between Charlie and his number 3 son..or number 1

Milk River Madman said...

Old B&W clips for an MCW? That's kind of different for you isn't it? I was expecting the Thin Man to be honest but Troll covered that. Great clips and never disappointing. BTW, I haven't forgotten the snowblower stuff and should be able to get your answers by weeks end.

Pam said...

Charlie Chan! These were very fun when I was a kid. Probably totally on the politicall incorrect front now though. Happy MCW

Karl said...

Troll: I've never seen murder by death I will have to pick it up I imagine it's pretty funny.

Yes, I enjoy the Thin Man movies. I own the set. The chemistry between Powell and Loy can't be beat and it held strong throughout all the movies.

K9: I wonder how many of us spent way too much time watching old movies on Saturdays, instead of getting something productive done.

Jackie Sue: Ah but number one son was born in China and number two son was Chinese / American.

MRM: I've been using Google reader and saw Troll's post using the Thin Man, so I went another direction. It is kind of a neat way to keep up with folks.

I would appreciate the information particularly on production rate and duty cycle. The units are going to be a topic of discussion in a meeting early next week.

Pam: That's part of the problem, we spent away too much time trying to be politically correct.

Buzz Kill said...

Ahh, Number 1 son, joy in heart more desirable than bullet.

I remember the Roland Winters Charlie Chan. I had no idea the Charlie Chan franchise was like Bond with so many different actors. The big difference - BLACK AND WHITE. Bwahaha

Happy MCW!

Aunty Belle said...

Karl, youse an interestin' fella--these is fun picks....you wanna lead a blogger movie summit? We could watch the movie ya pick, then congregate at yore blog to discuss. ( like ya need one more thang to do, right?)

Happy MCW on Friday ( now that blogger is workin' again--had disabled third party cookies and blogger went hysterical)

Karl said...

Buzz Kill:

I can remember seeing three different ones watching as a kid. It wasn't until researching for this post that I learned about all the others.

Aunty Belle: Yea, in all my spare time. Let's see...we could call it Black and White Monday or how about Eclectic Flop Friday? Thank you anyway, but I think I'll pass. Besides Buzz and MRM have likely forgotten more about movies than I'll ever know.

Nice to see you up and running. I didn't realize that blogger had such a sweet tooth.

Joanna Cake said...

LOL, only at Karl's Korner. Must admit I dont think Ive seen any of the Charlie Chan series, although he is of course a famous detective :)

Karl said...

Joanna: Had I been wearing a vest, when I read your comment. I would have likely popped two buttons. Only at the Korner indeed.