Monday, April 28, 2008

On a lighter note, the Lovely Lakota asked me to:

Pick a book that's near you.
Go to page 125.
Go to the fifth sentence and read the next 3.
Tag five other people. Well instead of tagging five people, I will give you five books.

Book 1.
Dally 1 to flirt 2 two deal carelessly with 3 to waste time, loiter
Dalmatian a large short haired dog with dark spots on a white coat.
Dam a barrier built to hold back falling water.

Book 2.
The exposure time for the man lighting the round is reduced to the time necessary to light the igniter cord at point of initiation. If the route of retreat from the blast is extremely difficult or slow the single long tail or line of igniter cord may be used to ignite the main core at the starting point. In addition when the metal igniter cord connector is properly attached to the end of the safety fuse with a ring type crimp it protects the powder core from moisture and thus tends to eliminate the cause of missed holes.

Book 3.
It is lined by the thin connective tissue layer called the endosteum. the outer surfaces of the epipyses are also formed of compact bone. However their central regions are filled with interconnecting plates of spongy bone.

Book 4.
This is because they play a fundamental role in sustaining marine food webs. By feeding on microscopic Phytoplankton and Zooplankton they converted it into flesh that larger fish marine mammals and sea birds can eat. The mighty schools that attracted fishers and drew hosts of predators.

Book 5.
On the other hand making the present seem inevitable robs history of all its life and much of its meaning. History is contingent upon the action of people. "The duty of the historian" Gorton Craig has reminded us, "is to restore the past the options it once had.

Well there you have it, hope it wasn't to dull.
If you happen by and wish to play, be my guest.


Lakota said...

Thank you so much for playing Karl!
My guesses on the books:
1. Dictionary, obviously
2. Safety book for explosives
3. Anatomy book
4. Marine biology book
5. no bloody clue - that one stumped me. Something about societal behavior.
How did I do?

Karl said...

Lakota: 2 of 5, maybe 3,I will give it a day and post the titles.

Lakota said...

~Groan~ I didn't do so good then.
Was fun trying to guess though.

Heather said...

Not guessing...

Have a good week!

Lakota said...

Dang it! If you readers don't start guessing Karl will never post the books and I will spend forever wondering. ~pout~

Karl said...

Heather: Thanks for Stopping by, you have a good week too.

Webster's desk dictionary

The Blasters Handbook

Human Anatomy and Physiology

The Unnatural History of the Sea

Lies My Teacher Told Me

You may find the last one interesting, it has some good information regarding the plagues that the Europeans unleashed on the Native Americans.

Thanks for playing.

Lakota said...

that last one dies sound rather fascinating Karl. Thanks so very much for playing. ~smooches~

Anonymous said...


Karl said...

Jenn: So... pick a topic.

DBD said...

Wonder how that would play out on the book I'm reading...

Karl said...

DBD: Sorry for the late reply. I don't really know, give it a try.

I'm gald you didn't take down your site, I do enjoy it.