Thursday, September 05, 2013

Haiku Monday: The Getaway Winner

Good evening!

To the folks that stopped by and offered up a haiku or just said hi. I thank you. We did get away a bit this weekend.

Nature all around
With Turtles and Frogs and Birds
Red shorts distracting
OK back to the real subject. Foam was the first to jump in with:
Bipedal at last!
With crutches and walking boot
I venture outside
Then she came back with:
Narrow rocky trails
Crisscross babbling mountain brooks
This future must wait
And ode's to being ambulatory. I'm hoping you can run soon, if you want.
And speaking of running, Becca, put the pedal to the metal with:

red and blue flashes
smell of freedom in the air
fast getaway car
Then she toned down a bit, life's new reality?

treasures found within
pages crisp as an autumn leaf
escape within book
Amanda new to the Korner presented us with two:
Breathe it in Slowly
Enjoy the Sweet Salty Air
Daydream Only Now
Freshly Baked Cookies
Little Fingers Creep Up High
Take it Run and Laugh
Salt air does a body good, don't let it become just a dream. Your second is funny to me on many different levels. Suffice it to say, I have heard the laugh as the run commences.
And finally, Serendipity stepped in to taunt with cutthroat trout and cool dark water. Both very enticing:
Slick cobble pavement;
treacherous footing -- bear-bait!
But wait; a rise. Strike!
Cool, calm, dark water
reflects a shimmering moon.
A loon’s wild wailing.
And the winner: Amanda
Freshly Baked Cookies
Little Fingers Creep Up High
Take it Run and Laugh
Congratulations and please post in the comments box of this post when you have your topic for next week.


Karl said...

The red shorts are Mrs. K and the blue shorts are my daughter.

darkfoam said...

I figured this was your wife and daughter .. :-)
Looks like a nice outing.
Anyway, congratulations to Amanda! Her cookie'ku was enticing indeed.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I knew Karl was an ol' softie - just like the inside of a fresh cookie. I thought Amanda might have hit a home run with that one.

Congratulations Amanda. Hope you see you have won so you can get a new theme up.


Rebecca said...

congrats Amanda and what can i say cookies would win me over to :)

Karl said...

Foam: Yep, that's them. People ask me why I always walk behind Mrs. K. I tell them, land mines. Really it's just so I can watch her walk. It's mesmerizing.

Serendipity: My daughter makes and sells cookies. My son on the other hand, thinks is pretty funny when he can sneak away with some of her product. I have heard plenty of laughter and squeals regarding cookies. Not to mention breaking up a few knockdown drag outs.

I have posted on Amanda's site to let her know she won. Hopefully we'll hear from her soon.

Becca: Cookies and laughter, is there a better medicine?

Funky Frugal Mommy said...

WOOHOO Thank u so much! I am so excited that I won! My kids are my usual inspiration for most of my writing. So for my theme I am thinking "Anticipation"! Does that sound good? For hosting do we comment via my blog or back here? I am a new Haiku Monday participant :)

Doom said...


You create a post on your blog.

Anticipation? I can't wait! :p

Anonymous said...

Ah, Doom has reemerged. How was Burning Man?

Amanda, normally the winner-host posts on their blog (best supply your web address so we can find you), and we go there to put entries into your comments. That means you will need to have Open ID and possibly Anon available for players. Not all of us use Google Blogger.

Typically we have been getting the host post up Friday or Saturday. The actual contest is Monday, and the deadline is usually midnight Pacific time to allow west coast players the extra time to enter. After that you get to do the hard part and pick a winner!


darkfoam said...

Ah, the doomster is back.

Ditto to Doom and Serendipity.
Great theme. Just let us know where to post.

Funky Frugal Mommy said...

Ok new friends (how exciting!) my blog is at I am super happy I get to share it with you all. I do have kids I have to get to school so I will make a quick appearance early in the morn and then I will be back so please forgive my absence :) Thanks again for the opportunity and it is great meeting you all!

Rafael said...

Sorry to have missed all the fun, I ended up needing a getaway from my gone away getaway.

Congrats Amanda, wonderfully done!

Anticipate a pop-in sometime Monday, assuming my noggin is in working order, that is.

Hmmmm... ass*u*me...uh:oh spaghettio

Funky Frugal Mommy said...

Ok everyone I have my Haiku Monday Post up on my blog can someone read it over and post a comment to let me know if it looks good please! Thank you!

Rebecca said...

new haiku theme is up

Anonymous said...


I hope you did not lose anyone close to you in the Navy Yard shootings. If you did, please accept my sympathy. A very sad situation. The only good is that more people in positions to do some good are now talking about mental health care. One reporter asked the bill sponsor "how will it be paid for?" The real question is can we afford to continue without better identification and care for these individuals. I know several people with PTSD - are they ticking bombs - maybe some are...

Even if they may "only" hurt or kill a spouse or someone else close, how can that need be ignored? Maybe they won't, but I think at least one could, possibly two of them with the wrong trigger. Yes they are getting or did get help, but one does not think he needs it any more. His wife (also Marine from Gulf War) has PTSD as well, but she is dangerous to no one.


Karl said...

Serendipity: Thankfully, I did not know any of the folks who were caught up in this tragedy. Most of the folks I know there, work in different buildings. As far as the shooters alleged PTSD. Reportedly it is from working near the World Trade Center after 9/11. During his time with the reserves, he didn't deploy to either theater. Personally I believe his issues were unrelated to PTSD. Will this bring attention to other afflicted Vet's, I hope so. I hope it creates an awareness that gets these people all the help they need. I just hope it doesn't trample their civil rights in the process. However, any way you look at it, it was a high price to pay.

If you believe your friend still needs help, be the squeaky wheel. Get them to go back into treatment. The VA has boots of clay, but if pushed enough, they will lift them out and start marching.

darkfoam said...

Our haiku theme for this Monday is Night/Nocturnal, Karl. Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Karl,

Hope you can play HM at Serendipity this week, At the very least you must have an experience with kelp leaves...


Anonymous said...

So Karl, time to add another X. You are up again this week.



darkfoam said...

Yep, congratulations!

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