Saturday, February 08, 2014

Haiku Monday: Exercise

Welcome to Haiku Monday. This week's topic is Exercise. Fishy over at the pond was kind enough of to give me the win last week. (almost an act of charity) Exercise is a hard topic for many. Some don't like it, some embrace it. I am and the latter category. It helps me to think and to persevere. Exercises is as much mental, as it is physical. And for this week, unless you want to upload of video of you exercising. This will be mental. Let me know how you exercise both mentally and physically. Do you enjoy it, do you not? The standard rules apply. Post as many as you wish, only one will become the winner.
Have fun.
 That's what this is all about.


Karl said...

Embrace Exercise
Stress of physical fitness
Sharpens mind as well

Anonymous said...

Good, timely topic, Karl. I will be back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karl, Congrats on the win.

I'll start you off with one.

Once a gym rat. Now?
Hiking, biking, fence building.
Urban flight rewards!

Doom said...

Sometimes This, Sometimes That

haiku and sudoku!
plans, goals, decided logic!
just staying awake?

I think thus I am
So long as I think, I am
What was I saying?

Hey, it doesn't always work. But I do try.

foam said...

Rhythmic footsteps crunch..
Wondering ramble leads to
Frozen pond delight..

I plan on having something up by late Monday... hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Here is another, Karl. This one has a visual.

Human X seven.
Dog and I hunting antlers.
Score is one to one.

BlazngScarlet said...

Kettle bells, squats, planks
All designed to get me fit
I prefer Scrabble

Trying to dip my toes back into the Haiku pool! :D

becca said...

for you my darling here are my entries

seconds tick slowly
pain sears ones flesh hot burning
mind over body

steady rhythm, pounding
stress melts with winter snowflakes
running, life renewed

Karl said...

Serendipity: Until I started diving a desk, I had no use for gyms. Now, it's how I spend lunch 3 to 4 days a week, just to keep from falling apart.

Doom: I get your point. The more you exercise your brain, the better you will do to keep it together.

Foam: You be careful on the ice.

Pine Top? Enjoy!

Serendipity: Nice find, I saw your photo.

BlazngScarlet: So nice to see you play. Take the plunge!

Becca: Careful endearments will get you everywhere or in trouble.

fishy said...

Toddler defiance,
Exercising free will. No!
Me NOT go home now.

Breathe in, breath out, s-t-r-e-t-c-h
Right ankle bruising my ear,
You think this feels good ???????

Karl said...

Fishy: Your first extends far beyond toddlers. I can't tell you how many times I've heard variations on that last line.

Anonymous said...

One more Karl, just for the heck of it.

After a long snooze,
One must warm up before flight.
Trumpeter swan ‘flies.

Visual at Serendipity

foam said...

Good morning, Karl!
How was your bumpy night?

becca said...

well considering trouble is my best friend i'm sure we can work something out sweetie

becca said...

oh and though i adore you please do not pick me this week as i'm heading out of town and have no time to do this much love xo

Karl said...

Foam: It went better than expected. The winds veered to the north before it really started blowing. It is a much better direction for us than the expected northeast winds.

Becca: Hope 3rd is OK

All: The winner is posted.

foam said...

Impressive pushups there, Karl. I'm on my old slow laptop and just now am able to see the video.

becca said...

third is good xo