Friday, August 30, 2013

Haiku Monday: Getaway

Friday afternoon on Labor Day weekend and many folks lines are on getting away. Becca passed the torch to me last week. So here we are a holiday weekend with nothing to do, but to concentrate on haiku. Yeah right. If you can squeeze in some time, please deliver your impression of the getaway. Whether it be a weekend, a vacation, a sabbatical, a pilgrimage. Whatever gives you release when you get away.

GETAWAY. 1: an act or instance of getting away: as . a: escape. b: start. 2: a place suitable for a vacation . 3: a vacation especially of brief duration

Please use 5-7-5 format and as many as you wish. It may break the rules, but I'm not afraid of rhyme. If you care to do so, go ahead. Please do, just be on time. Midnight Pacific is the deadline on Monday Labor Day. And have a safe and happy weekend.


Karl said...

Holiday weekends
Close to home is where to be
Let others travel

LX said...

Congrats and have a good weekend.

foam said...

Good theme, Karl. Have fun with the family at home!

becca said...

working on this one i like the theme

foam said...

Bipedal at last!

With crutches and walking boot

I venture outside...

Karl said...

LX: Thanks, you enjoy yours as well.

Foam: It's good to know you're on both feet again. Just don't do too much too fast.

Becca: I'm looking forward to what you come up with.

becca said...

my entries visuals will be up tomorrow if you would like to see them

red and blue flashes
smell of freedom in the air
fast getaway car

treasures found within
pages crisp as an autumn leaf
escape within book

foam said...

Narrow rocky trails

crisscross babbling mountain brooks..

....this future must wait...

Amanda Geering said...

Breathe it in Slowly
Enjoy the Sweet Salty Air
Daydream Only Now

Amanda Geering said...

Freshly Baked Cookies
Little Fingers Creep Up High
Take it Run and Laugh

Anonymous said...

Hi Karl, great theme. m Been off on a getaway myself, so late joining in. Visual is at


Slick cobble pavement;
treacherous footing -- bear-bait!
But wait; a rise. Strike!

Beautiful trout stream, wall to wall cobbles hemmed in by thick grizzly country on the stream margins, nowhere to walk except the stream. Wild, hard-fighting cutthroat trout. A wonderful place for a quick getaway!

Anonymous said...

Hey Karl. Just enough time for another submittal. Another visual at Serendipity.

Cool, calm, dark water
reflects a shimmering moon.
A loon’s wild wailing.

Back to the grind tomorrow.

Karl said...

Becca: I knew you wouldn't disappoint me.

Foam: You'll be back to hiking soon. However, I would caution. You should look up: physical therapy for Achilles' tears. The work you put in now, may make hiking easier, later.

Amanda: Welcome to the Korner! Ah yes, cookies and a day the beach. Both are good for generating laughs from gleeful children.

Serendipity: I enjoyed them both. Back to the grind indeed.

All: Thank you for contributing on a busy holiday weekend. I will have a post up soon announcing the winner.

foam said...

Believe me, Karl. I have been looking up everything I can find on therapy for Achilles' tendon injuries.
For a holiday weekend this is not a bad turnout. Reading these haiku, I now want to drive a fast car while reading and eating cookies on my way to the various sources of wet wilderness to fish and kayak.

Anonymous said...

I just have the Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

Karl, despite only a few players, a good variety and difficult choice for you.

Foam, glad to hear the recovery is progressing. My first spot would be no place for a lady in a splint boot, but surely you could kayak by moonlight! Hang in there, tendon do heal, is too slowly for the active.

Andie - *only* the Atlantic...

Becca, I had to be careful what my first car was because of a tendency to listen to a good song on the radio with my foot in the carburetor. Ha.

Amanda, welcome! Those cookies smell wonderful. Not just for little fingers...

The best getaway always takes me out of the house and away from domestic duties that are always calling for attention. This weekend we had the added "entertainment" of watching a small forest fire become a big one - only 13 miles away. Enthralling, scary, breath-taking. The crown fire racing through the trees was raising flames at least 400 feet!! above the 100 foot tall treetops! Astounding any time I have watched this. For anything near that, there is no escape. It is too huge and too fast.


Karl said...

Good evening folks,

The winner has been posted. Thanks to all for coming and playing.