Thursday, July 04, 2013

Independence Day 2013

Happy Independence Day!

May you be, Happy, Healthy and Independent.


Karl said...

My apologies for the brevity of the post, it appears as if my computer has eaten my homework. However the video is well worth the watch.

Pam said...

Hi Karl, happy 4th to you and whatever it is you do out there in the big world!

foam said...

Wow! I did not expect to see a post. I was thinking I'd be pushing aside cobwebs. Can't see your video an my applepad thingy for some reason
I do hope you had a wonderful 4th.
Happy July the 5th :-)

Karl said...

Pam: I did have a very happy fourth, thank you. Due to scheduling we didn't throw our annual Independence Day party. So it was just the four of us. Took the kids out Knee boarding in the dinghy and watched a most impressive fireworks show put on by the folks that live around the harbor from the upper deck of the boat. The most important thing I do in the big world, being with them.

Foam: If you've seen the John Adams series, you've seen the clip. The post was intended to be more than just a clip, however the text I wrote up for the post seems to have vaporized into cyber-hell. If I can recreate it, I'll post it later.

Again I'm so sorry about your Achilles tear. I hope you're back to hiking up your mountains soon.

foam said...

I've had posts and comments disappear into cyberhell. It's the most frustrating thing.
I'm hoping to hike again soon! We will see.

Fleurdeleo said...

Hi, Karl! Haiku Monday is up.