Monday, December 10, 2012

Haiku Monday: Class (the late addition)

Good Evening! Welcome to another addition of Haiku Monday. First, I would like to thank our host of last week Fleur and her assistant judge Czar. Second, sorry the delay in getting this post up. Our topic this week is “Class”. Any use will do, from class of X to class oppression. All are fair game. Please use 5-7-5. Kigo and Kireji are always appreciated. But as well as pictures of... Since I'm running so far behind here. Is midnight Wednesday an acceptable cut off time? Just let me know in comments.


Karl said...

I do apologize for getting this posted so late. said...

Hi Karl,

You are in plenty of time for Monday - back in the beginning, wasn't the theme posted on Monday?

Here is an entry.

Heavy predation.
Inexperienced age class.
Young are easy prey!

Island Rider said...

I am up, but don't know if I will get around to pictures this week.

Shiny nails. Hair curled.
Stylish dress,heels and pearls, But,
Class is made inside.

Blow horn. Shake fist. Curse.
Make way! Move! Lousy drivers.
Backseat children learn.

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Karl. My second entry. Not likely to have any time after this PM. I do have a visual up for first at

Class action lawsuit.
Only winners are the sharks.
Win won't fill gas tank.

Best of luck to everyone.

Fleurdeleo said...

Hi, Karl and everyone!

Silken angel braid
soaked in inkwell's oily pool.
The payback's a bitch.

The visual is needed for full impact.

czar said...

8-second audio file:

Forty years later,
Still as shrill. Fingernails on
Time’s blackboard: Screech! Bong.

[FYI: If you weren't a teenager or a stoner in the 1970s, this clip is from a Cheech and Chong bit, which, well, never mind.]

czar said...

Oh, Karl, thanks for hosting. Whatever works with your schedule . . .

chickory said...

YAY!!! I love an extended deadline. Praise you, Kind Karl. I'll be back!

Karl said...

Serendipity: Funny, I don't remember. I think it was Friday, so folks had time to work on it over the weekend.

Island Rider: Not to worry pictures are an option.

Fleur: Full impact is right. Your picture will make a great avatar. I just need to find the right time to use it.

Czar: My firewall won't let your link through. However I'm familiar with their work.

Chickory: That's good to see.

grins said...

I'll try to get in on next week. It's been really a pain to type or be on the computer. Can't quite raise my right arm and it's tough using a mouse left handed.

czar said...

Curmy! I'd ask how you are, but I guess I now know. Good to see you.

..................... said...

Hello Karl,

Thanks for the invite.
However, I'm sick right now.
Can't even teach class ..


Anonymous said...

Clevah friend you have in .............., Karl!

Jenny said...
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Boxer said...

Here's one:

Tux, top hat and tails.
clothes don't make the man, and yet
Fred was the real thing.

I'll be back with more if I can

(that was me being me, but not me.)

czar said...
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moi said...

Thanks for extending the deadline! I've been working on several bids but think I can come up for air enough to post by end of today.

moi said...

Up, with images:

Youth’s sartorial
slips forgiven. At fifty?
Girl, put it away.

Jenny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boxer said...

BWHAHAHAHA to Moi!! Brilliant.

Aunty Belle said...

UH, SO, the Mayan thang din't happen so I guess we's gotts all keep goin'?

Jes' found the invite an extended deadline. Will try to git back, but cain't promise; gotta git Uncle ready fer the Big Knife tomorry.

Karl said...

Grins: Sir, I appreciate you stopping by. I hope you feel better soon. May I suggest you look into voice recognition software. Perhaps consider using a Trackball, instead of a mouse. Their inexpensive and some of the people I work with swear by them.

Diana: I found your RSVP most entertaining. Get well soon, the kids need you.

Boxer: I'm so pleased to hear from you. My condolences on Lucy's passing.
Yes ma'am Fred could dance, Let's say it with firecrackers.

Moi: Talk about a class act. I know you're busy, thanks for giving it a go.

Aunty Belle: Still 9 days till the end of Mayan Calendar. Yet we're likely to keep going.

If you can get, back please do. All the best to Uncle. May the cut be clean and only what he needs.

chickory said...

Eleven Students
One Socratic professor
Fishing, together.

Racism's bookend:
"You didn't build that!" Envy;
a tool of the State

Anonymous said...

I'm up with a visual. Hope I'm in time. Thanks for the invite, Karl.

Paparazzi pounce
Privacy to highest bid.
Hathaway's class rules.


Karl said...

Chickory: Both are most appreciated.

Grumpy Granny: I had the look her up. You're right most timely and classy.

All: Sorry, I'm at it again. I'll put the write-up asap.

Karl said...

Good evening folks,

The winner has been posted.