Monday, November 05, 2012

Haiku Monday: New Yorker Covers

Good evening folks it's Haiku Monday and our host Fishy has chosen: Covers from the New Yorker Magazine. I could count the number of times I've looked at one of these magazines on one hand. However I must admit they do have some fine cover art. So here's my contributions this week. Many fine folks have come out of the woodwork to post for this one, so stop by the Pond and enjoy!

Magazine read not
But this Halloween honey
She's kinda hot!


Karl said...

Now go out and vote. Unless you intend to vote for President Obama. In which case you should go get your head examined.

Boxer said...

Bwahahahah to both your comment and your Haiku. Happy Haiku Monday, Sir. Nice to see you post. I'm up too.

chickory said...

hahaha! that is a fun illustration and haiku and very time appropriate.

Aunty Belle said...

Ha--nice--mirthful, Hee hee,

czar said...

Hey, Karl. New Yorker's not so bad. And I'll let you know what the head examiner says . . . after I vote. I think it's gonna be okay.

Karl said...

Boxer: It was nice to see you post as well. no one comes here to exchange information. They go to your place, a neutral ground where no civil comment is out of place. I hope you have time to stay with us.

Chickory: She's a doll that's for sure and Halloween is always a fun time for me.

Aunty Belle: glad you liked it. Smile on my face and a song in my heart.

Czar: No offense to The New Yorker, it's simply not a magazine, I would frequent. Not terribly functional. I realize it's likely too late. However if the president is reelected, it will take much longer for things to be OK. There's only so much employers can do to economically deal with the onslaught of his presidential declarations. Four years of this man as a lame duck is unthinkable.

Anonymous said...

Nice pick on the cover, Karl, and fun Haiku. Not fun on the election, however. The only good part is it is finished for now - phew. But the damage a lame duck can do in 4 years? The expectation is staggering.


Buzz Kill said...

A haiku that rhymes and Halloween witch cheesecake? Well done.

Karl said...

Serendipity: Thanks on the Haiku. No ma'am not a good election at all. The status quo was maintained and likely the gridlock. The best man for the job lost. An utterly under qualified person was reelected by pandering to the net losers. Who's only interest is what the gov't can give to them. People who have no concept of what the real debt is. Nor do they care what it's going to do the future. They want theirs now. Well, they are going to get it. It's unsustainable and the end result is not going to be pretty.

Buzz Kill: Thank you sir, I appreciate it. Sometimes wonder why haiku are not supposed rhyme. Well I can't figure out the Americans, I'm not going to try to figure out the Japanese.

I'd also like to say that appreciate your posting again, your fun read. I have read your post's, however I haven't been on a system where I could comment.

becca said...

wow brilliant as always

Anonymous said...

Hey Karl,

Come play Haiku Monday over at Serendipity this week. I'll bet you know of some rock edifices, or you might well run this in a different direction.