Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Haiku Monday: The Winner

I suppose you're all wondering why I've gathered to here. It was Colonel Mustard with the knife in the kitchen. Whoa wait a minute, wrong story. You're here for Haiku. 

 Well this was literally a World wind of haiku. There were poems blowing in from all over the place. Even Heff, our first contributor emerged from a more than yearlong self imposed hiatus to be inspired by the idea of the cyclonic storm. Well maybe that was only part of his motivation.  

Winds start picking up
Another season begins
Heff loves to be blown.

Serendipity then jumped in with two inspired by memories of storms from childhood. From her visuals you can tell these memories will last a lifetime.  

High rise panes rain down,
shattering downtown. Trees crush!
Twigs *under* shingles!

Midnight daylight wakes;
eerie song from weatherstrip.
Tornado twists neigh!

Grins next in the fray with an interesting example of flying hazards and the beauty that can be destroyed.

Evil detritus
flies like bullets up the streets.
Butterflies are gone.

Czar then lamented on the disruption of domestic bliss during household renovations. Is there anyone in the room that can't sympathize with this issue? Nice tie-in with the story of Hurricane Carter.

Awaiting eye's calm . . .
Still . . . some storms never slacken:
House-and-spouse vortex.

Dylan springs Carter:
Balladeer advocacy
Blowing in the wind.

Foam's perspective from inside. You never really realize how long one of these things can last, until you're stuck there. Nice job.  

Will my windows hold?
For hours, winds batter and howl..
Then! All at once ... calm.

Hunkered down I wait..
Rains pelt, winds batter windows.
The house groans but holds..

PNW Gal (Boxer) came out of her self imposed hiatus and gave us a bed spin inducing remembrance of her younger and wilder days. And the evils of sweet rum drinks. It made my blood sugar go up just a read it. 

Gale force alcohol
A big easy libation
epic hang over!

Moi then presented us with a reference to the Scorpions and their song Rock You Like A Hurricane. I was wrong with my comment, I have heard the song before. However I had not seen the video and I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out what the video has to do with a hurricane.

‘84’s airwave
assault. Rock mir wie ein was?
So much for punk rock.

Becca touched us (me at least) with a representation of a storm no one should have to experience. And one of the amazing din that can be you created by wind driven rain pounding the roof. Both nicely done.

pain screaming hitting
emotions rip through like storms
safe I watch from my room

harsh rain hits the tin roof
tapping out a rythm all their own
I listen in awe

Pam out of practice, I don't think so. Although with young Caleb about to start walking. I'm a little surprised you didn't write of the storm to come.

Life swirls around me;
I remain calm and centered.
Eye of hurricane.

Aunty Belle reminded us of a storm that will likely last longer than any of the ones generated off Cape Verde's

shrieking summer rage,
torrential fury unleashed:
Euro cash crisis.

Fishy gave us 3 with the last 2 to judge. Beryl was not only early, its track was most interesting. Sorry you didn't get the rain from it. I enjoyed the one about Camille it's the first storm I actually remember. Your last I must confess I don't understand. However it does have a nice ring to it.

We had hopes Beryl
would quench our drought crusted need.
No satisfaction.

Camille came shrieking,
throwing tress and heaving seas
Biloxi sang blues

Hurricanes at 10
Gators aligned to defend
Florida takes sides

Rafa, a man who has never experienced a hurricane, did a fine job representing one. Well done sir.

Furied is the wind
Liquid air whips sea to land
Washing way what was

Serendipity, I realize this one was for fun. You see, I have a ballerina in my family. She is graceful, beautiful and yet the times, she can strike with a ruthless fury that makes her father proud. I just wanted you know, I enjoyed this one and wish your friend well.

Ballerina whirls;
cyclone with croquet mallet
dashes rattler dead!

Moi followed with the most humorous haiku of the event. When I lived in the desert as a kid, my cousin and I would catch and sell snakes to a fellow that made belts. $5.00 a piece he paid us. It was a great business, until my cousin was bitten through the catch bag. Another example of parents stifling entrepreneurial creativity.

Ruh roh, poor snake dead.
Makes my heart so sad. Unless,
handbag is the plan.

Chickory: Beekeepers live with the natural form of sacred geometry on a daily basis. Whether death spiral or life's spiral, it's all natural. I enjoyed yours. 

Nature's death spiral
is sacred geometry
neither wrong nor right

CoreyJo, I'm sorry you were late to the party. Yours was touching nonetheless. 
From out of no where,
A force to be reckoned with.
That was Margaret.

After reading back through all that's been written and thinking of awarding a winner, I'm reminded of a joke: the pope needs a new heart. The cardinals call gathering at the Vatican. The people show up and a car goal on the balcony tells them of the pope's plight. The people begin to yell " Pope taka my heart" the cardinal impressed by the outpouring says I will drop a feather whoever it lands upon can donate their heart. And as of a feather falls you hear the people yell " Pope Phissss (blowing noises) taka my heart"

The number 3 position goes to Czar for his first one. Without which we would not have come up with "Cortex in the Vortex". I still think you would be a great name for rock band.

 Awaiting eye's calm . . .
Still . . . some storms never slacken:
House-and-spouse vortex.

In second place Becca, for your first one.

pain screaming hitting
emotions rip through like storms
safe I watch from my room

And the feather falls to ... Rafa. Congratulations you may choose a topic and host next week.

Furied is the wind
Liquid air whips sea to land
Washing way what was

Thank you all for your contributions this week!


Karl said...

Sorry about some of the paragraph spacing, Blogger and I are not getting along this evening

PNW Gal said...

Congrats to Rafa! I loved "liquid air whips sea to land". Perfect. But you had an amazing turnout of really, really good Haikus. Is it bad I was only one who thought of booze? Oh well.

Thank you for hosting and your write up is fabulous.

Karl said...

PNW Gal: No ma'am you expressed it well. And I'd be willing to bet that everyone in the audience has the T-shirt.

fishy said...

Oh good job Karl!
Fine hosting and finer judging.
I agree with Boxer, those center seven syllables were inspired.
Congratulations Rafa....are you dancing in the wind?

foam said...

Thanks for hosting and oing such a marvelous job with it too.
Congratulations to Rafa! Well deserved with a very smooth haiku.

moi said...

Terrific job hosting, Karl! Picking a winner is never easy and you plucked a good one from a competitive crop. Congrats, Rafa! Looking forward to your topic.

P.S. to Karl: You lived in the desert as a kid? And now you're on water? Interesting . . .

chickory said...

washing away what was

I liked that. Rafa's a great haikuist. Congratulations! and Karl, what a fine and thoughtful re-cap. you have been a most excellent host. thank you!!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo Rafa! I thought you had it nailed. Look forward to your theme.

Karl, tough field, but great pick, and nice recap (BTW, you make me sound much younger with your version of my life :) - but I'll take it.) Glad you enjoyed the tiny dancer story. She IS a gem.


CoreyJo said...

Thanks Karl, It's my life story...being late. No worries though, glad you liked it :) Great job hosting.

Congrats Rafa!! A well deserved win.

Congrats to Becca & Czar also.


czar said...

Kudos to Rafa and the peerless host.

BlazngScarlet said...

There were some fantastic entries (as always).
Sorry I missed it ... =(

Congratulations to Rafa for the win!
Karl, you did a superior job of hosting! =)

Rafael said...

Wow, Wow, WOW...pickle me in pepper'd sauce and light my wick on FIRE!!!

I was so excited this morning, I blew a gasket...then I read Karl gives me the nod...? Jesus, Joseph and Mary, too...I'm SPENT and it's not even lunch time!

Sorry for my lateness to the party, but it couldn't be helped. Thank you so much for the feather; there will be much tickling going on 'till I'm forced to pass it on.

Boxer: I picked a little at the booze angle, but all ended up angling south of the under line, and, with uncharacteristic decorum, chose to not go down that road. (you'res was much better than anything I was coming up with, anyways!)

Thanks all for the congrats and congrats to ALL for some great poems this week...enjoyed mucho!!

I will post a theme Friday'ish-


becca said...

thank you XOXO

Rafael said...


Challenge has been posted HERE



Karl said...

Rafa: So we're off to see the wizard, this should be interesting.

@ All: Thank you for your kind words on the write-up. It was your input that made it worth doing.

Karl said...

Moi: My interest in diving actually started in the desert. When I was a kid, I would sit that the O-club pool and watch a Navy Master Diver, clean the pool. Whenever he came out of the water, I would pepper him with questions about diving. And he took the time to answer. To this day I still wonder whether he really pissed somebody off or whether he had the most gravy billet in the Navy. I kind of think the latter.

moi said...

Interesting! I think desert rats go one of two ways: craving water or scared of it. I'm still not sure which category I fall under. My idea of heaven is a beach vacation and I love to snorkel—as long as I can see the shore or, if out in open water, it's the Caribbean where even in the middle of nowhere you can at least see the bottom. But I don't think I would ever be comfortable in deep open water, even on a cruise ship. On the rare occasions I have nightmares, they almost always involve a rogue wave.