Thursday, January 19, 2012

Soybean Smackdown!


Boxer said...

A video!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. And nearly spit out my coffee regardingi it took longer to buy the ingredients than to actually make the sandwich. Looks good though, and I'm super impressed. Thank you! And, I think I may have found MY favorite soy bean.... soy vodka! Be still my heart. You is a champ. Now go eat some real food. ;-)

Karl said...

Boxer: Thanks. If you try the vodka. Let me know what you think of it.

Aunty Belle said...

Well, dern it all, KArl. WHO can compete wif' a video AN' tofu vodka??

Great fun!

Aunty Belle said...


Thar is somethin' amazin' about tofu!! It's the first thang that motivated Sir Fair to post in a month!! Wow. Who knew what would tickle yore fancy.

Grumpy Granny said...

I love this!! You may have just stepped up the whole Smackdown idea to a new level.


moi said...

Hey, and we can dance to it, too! Awesome! And isn't it funny how all of us are all, "It was good, but it would have been even better if it were chicken, etc." Bwahahahaha!

Pee Ess: Your new avatar is a wee bit scary :o)

Karl said...

Aunty Belle: Glad you liked it. Now sit down and enjoy your first vodka, sounds like you earned it.

Wasn't the tofu. It was our Ms. Boxer.

Grumpy Granny: Welcome and thank you. I'm not the first to do a video.

Moi: Any reason to dance is a good one. Tofu is protein, it just happens to be protein that has to soak in something good for a long time to have any flavor.

That avatar is a picture of me. Perhaps I should change it, back to the dog.

Buzz Kill said...

Talk about your shamelss sucking up with soy vodka. I've learned more about tofu and soy this week than I ever cared to know.

You got Mrs. Karl to eat it, right? Your video was great but technologically out of my reach if this is the new smackdown bar I have to hurdle.

Simple but nice job. Your avatar is pretty cool too. I hope you waited an hour after eating that sandwich before diving.

Intuitive Eggplant said...

I'm all for the shameless sucking up with video and soy vodka when it's this entertaining. Unless I have to figure out how to do a video for the next Smackdown :) Great job, Karl!

BlazngScarlet said...

The music is AWESOME!
Soy Vodka eh?
I might could get on board with that!

LaDivaCucina said...

I agree, mustard IS crucial, ya gotta get flava from somewhere!!!! Love the groovy music, too, Karl! Good job and yes, you sucked up with the vodka, all's fair in love and culinary smackdowns! See ya at the next battle!

Karl said...

Buzz Kill: It may have been sucking up. But it worked, look she gave me best video.

No she didn't try the sandwich, I made it for lunch. She used to be a vegetarian and still eats tofu. I try not hold against her. The video was actually pretty easy the software is Picasa3. It's free from Google.

I never did pay attention to that waiting an hour stuff.

Eggy: I couldn't find any 3 vodka in time for the post. I had planned to make the vodka martini (shaken not stirred) and include it in the presentation. Thanks with a pat on the back.

I can't seem to get onto your site. I can view it in Google reader. However I can actually get on or comment.

BlazngScarlet: That music is 1 of the 3, MP-3 files I own it came with the computer.

LaDiva: The mustard actually made the sandwich edible. I should've soaked the tofu in something before I fried it. To give it some flavor.

moi said...

Oh, I didn't mean YOU'RE scary. I meant the thought of being under water in a mask breathing oxygen hitched to my back is scary. To me. :o)

Karl said...

Moi: In this diving dress, the breathing gas comes down through a hose from a supply on the surface. I do wear a bottle on my back, but it's only for emergency use. I was breathing air. Below 40 feet pure oxygen is toxic. The deeper you go the more the breathing gas used can change. The hose called an "umbilical" also supplies communication, depth information, hot water, and video, if necessary. You see, once it's explained, it's not scary at all.

Boxer said...

I had a chance to try the soy vodka;


It will make a wonderful Vodka TONIC! Still, it was fun to try and I may devote an entire post each week to vodka reviews. *hic*

Where are you? We're taking betz. OK, Buzz and I are.

Karl said...

Boxer: Sorry it didn't taste good. Perhaps you could use it for baking. My daughter finds that the best pie crusts are made with vodka.

I'm right here, just a few electrons away.

Jean said...

Karl, I left a comment at Boxer's that I should have put here... are you an undercover scuba diver? You are a mystery. But, please, don't tell me if you'd have to kill me after!

Karl said...

Jean: Well, I have spent quite a bit of time underwater, I calculate bottom time in years rather than in hour's. SCUBA is one of the types of equipment I use to work underwater. However it is not a type of equipment I use often. In the just under 20,000 hours I have spent diving underwater, less than 10% of the time was spent on SCUBA.

You don't what to know anymore than that;)

Jean said...

20,000 hours. crikey!

I do want to know more but also realize that sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Be safe, Sir Karl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karl,

You need a new post...

Haiku Monday theme is up at

Come play.


Aunty Belle said...

I luv it when ya say, "you don't want to know any more than that."

foam said...

Oh cool, I have yet to participate in one of these.
Anywho, just popped over to wish you a happy heart day.

Karl said...

Jean: Had to look up "crikey" a neat term. I thought you were talking about my joints.

Serendipity: Yes I know. However I am better at commenting, than at posting.

Aunty Belle: Any more information, would bore her to death.

Foam: Try the cabbage challenge, it should be fun.

Thank you, and I hope you're V-day was more fulfilling than passing valentines in class.