Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday: Best Martial Arts Film

Welcome to movie clip Wednesday this week's topic: Best Martial Arts Film. Hosted by the lovely Joanna Cake. If you care to play find a clip try to make it less than 3 minutes and go by Joanna's site and tell her you're up.

I have to take most martial art films as tongue in cheek comedy. So when I saw the topic I thought of: In Like Flint, this 1967 film starring James Colburn was a tongue in cheek spoof of James Bond and had many " martial arts scenes" there was also a sequel: Our Man Flint both movies were equally bad or good depending on your perspective. I found them both fun to watch and easy on the eye.(well most of the co-stars were easy on the eye) Please enjoy.


chickory said...

I loved Our Man FLint. It would have been too easy to go with enter the dragon or kill bill - i had forgotten this gem. I like james coburn, had forgotten he was blonde not white haired.

some that come to mind are

karate kid
and the bourne movies

happy MCW!

Aunty Belle said...


Fer some reason this puts me in mind of some old Dean Martin spoofs on James Bond--cain't 'member the names--but I do recall how the women wuz beauties an their fashions top drawer.

Fun clip, Karl--Happy Movie Clip Wednesday.

moi said...

I always forget how much I like James Coburn. My spousal unit is a martial arts movie freak, so I've sort of seen every one every made. i.e.: when I pay attention :o)

My faves are Enter the Dragon and Kill Bill, both parts.

Karl said...

Chickory: Coburn was a prettygood actor. He made the flint movies. Joanna used Enter the Dragon, Kill Bill would be a good one too.

Aunty Belle: Welcome Home! Hope you had a great trip.

Your thinking of the Matt Helm movies. They were good ones too. Ann Margret was in one of them.

Moi: SB is the demographic the films were made for. I'll bet you've seen a lot of Jackie Chan too.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Karl...youse ok, ain't'cha? no recent post--hope all is well.

I come to fetch ya fer Haiku--this week's theme is posted now--hope ya honor us wif' a spooky verse this week!