Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie clip Wednesday: Best Man Pretending To Be A Woman

Welcome to movie clip Wednesday this week's topic: Best Man Pretending To Be A Woman . Hosted by the lovely Joanna Cake. If you care to play find a clip try to make it less than 3 minutes and go by Joanna's site and tell her you're up.

Well here we are again. Dealing with the male/female cross dressing issues that seem to be so prevalent in today's society. Or is it today's society? What about Milton Berle or Jack Lemmon? Face it the folks in Hollywood were weird when it started and there still weird.

So this week a clip from a movie about a woman who dresses like a man, but doesn't hide the fact that she's a woman. With a scene in it of a man pretending to be a woman who is exposed for his true sex. Crap this makes my brain hurt. Calamity Jane starring Doris Day and Howard Keel was in 1953 musical comedy. About the alleged romance between Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok. Well I hope you enjoy.


Boxer said...

VERY good choice. I thought this was a hard theme, but you clearly had no trouble.

Working hard?

Joanna Cake said...

Great clip, if a little bizarre :) Happy MCW!

Buzz Kill said...

That is a big woman. When he sticks his leg out from behind the curtain, I thought that calf is as big as Hilary Clinton's. Bwahaha

Good choice on an uncomfortable theme.

Happy MCW!

moi said...

Yes, very strange clip, but your ability to meet even the toughest MCW challenges never ceases to amaze me. Hope all is well!

Karl said...

Boxer: Thanks, hard theme, no. Plenty of clips out there of man impersonating women. (I don't understand why this is, Hollyweird I guess) Avoiding a jinx was the challenge.

Yes ma'am.

Joanna: A little bizarre?

Buzz Kill: No...That's a big man dressed like a woman. For that matter someone should check on Hillary.

Moi: Achieve and overcome regardless the task. MCW can be a little therapeutic.
Will be in time.

chickory said...

this should be fine tuned to be best man pretending to be an ugly (oooogly!) woman. happy MCW Karl!

Aunty Belle said...

Dear heavens--most sincere condolences. Have been there recently and share your grief. Your Mother is admired by us from afar because she raised a son we admire.
So so sorry for your loss, Karl.It just plain hurts.

Prayers for you and your family.

Karl said...

Chickory: Sorry, I missed you of Ugly is right.

Aunty Belle: Thank you, yes ma'am I know. Yours had the wonderful advantage of being all there. Mine did not. If there is any justice, she's happy and just waiting for the next dance to start.

Pam said...

Karl, I just read today about the loss of your mom. I'm so sorry to hear this. Even though you see it coming sometimes, it doesn't make it easier when it actually happens. Praying for peace for you and your familiy.

K9 said...

Karl. so sorry about your mother. In your case, as was mine, this is a mercy. I know it still hurts. Im sending you love. Be well, friend.

Anonymous said...

Mein aufrichtiges Beileid.


Karl said...

Pam: Thank you. I appreciate sentiment. She's better now that she's a rest.

K9: Having traveled the same path, I know you understand. I feel it and will be. Thank you.

Karl said...

Herr Mago,

Danke sir, Ich appreciateit es.

foam said...

So sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. My mother succumbed to Alzheimer's 1 1/2 years ago.

Karl said...

Foam: Thank you. Sorry to read of your mother. Please accept my belated condolences.

Aunty Belle said...

Whar' ya be, Good sir?

Hope Irene ain't messed up yore life fer weeks now--did ya take yore boat someplace? Ride it out? Thank God it were only a Cat 1--what a nightmare to contemplate a cat3, 4 or 5--the mind cannot contain it.

Please come up fer air an' tell us all how ya be.

Karl said...

Aunty Belle: I was traveling last week and was disconnected. I made it back in time to move the boats into a hurricane hole. It’s a good spot, well protected. We will be here another day, the winds are still too high to move back. And the power is out, so we are better off here for now. We have a genset for power, we’re better off than a lot of folks.

I did stay on board for the storm. Mrs. and company went to the inlaws house in northern Virginia. They too lost power. The worst was over around 04:00. Here the highest sustained wind was 47 knots with gust to 60 and 5” of rain. The only damage was a few paint scratches.

You are right, the storm could have been much worse. A Cat-5 on the same track would have devastated the entire east coast.

Thank you for your concern.