Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Movie clip Wednesday: Best Bespectacled Hero

Welcome to movie clip Wednesday this week's topic: Best Bespectacled Hero. Hosted by the lovely Joanna Cake. If you care to play find a clip try to make it less than 3 minutes and go by Joanna's site and tell her you're up.

Well if you're going to have a hero in glasses, I can think of no better than the Incredible Mr. Limpet. The film is a 1964 American live-action/animated film. It is about a man named Henry Limpet who turns into a talking fish resembling a tilefish and helps the U.S. Navy locate and destroy Nazi submarines, during WW2. Don Knotts plays the title character. His glasses are actually part of the story line and as you can see from this rather low quality copy of the trailer quite prominent throughout the movie. When I was a little kid I thought this movie was very funny. Hope you enjoy the clip.


Joanna Cake said...

Aw, bless! So 1960s. Great find, Karl :)

Karl said...

Joanna: A gracious comment, considering.

Buzz Kill said...

Das Limpet! I haven't seen this one in years. Funny movie and excellent for the category. Years ago at a former company, we had an older secretary (smoker) who had this loud, hacking cough. And everytime she coughed (and you could hear her 50 feet away in cubical land) someone would always say "Das Limpet!" She's probably dead now but it was funny at the time.

Happy MCW!

Karl said...

Buzz Kill: Poor woman, but I had to laugh. It's good to know someone else thought this movie was funny.

So, are you ready to get back to work and get some rest from all the vacationing?

Aunty Belle said...

Looks hilarious--utterly missed this one--did I have a deprived childhood?

Karl, lfet a late comment on yore July 4th post--very nifty post. Thanky--we oughta read it weekely--see if some gumption starts to grow--we has fergotten how free we once was.

Roses said...

Once again, I didn't not get it together to play.

But I thought I'd still pop by and see how my favourite International Man of Mystery is doing.

Feel free to pop by and tell my about horseshoe crabs. I'm fond of them.

Roses said...



Karl said...

Aunty Belle: The movie won't likely be too funny now, unless of course you put a child's mind to it. We have two Betta, one is named Lady Fish and the other is named Mr. Limpet. They live in 2 separate tanks next to each other. I asked Mrs. K, why can't we put them together? Answer; they'd have sex and then want to kill each other. My reply; so what new, a typical couple. That's when I got the dope slap.

As far as my post from the fourth. It was a RE Post. The gentleman that wrote and signed the document did all the real work.

Roses: Please don't get caught up in all this man of mystery stuff. It's just something that Boxer came up with.

The Horseshoe Crab story is simple. At one of the facilities I work at, from the first full Moon of May through July 1. The Horseshoe Crab population cause lots of problems. They are mating. We came up with a plan to protect the crabs and the facility from the hazards. Last year the losses were in the thousands. This year due to the new installation, the losses were in the hundreds. Literally a tenfold reduction. Most of which were due to a delayed closing of the "playpen" because a bureaucrat wouldn't get off his butt and sign the permit authorization.

So there you have it. That's why I've been counting Horseshoe Crabs.

moi said...

No kidding! This is one of S.B.'s favorite movies. I never even heard of it until we started dating and it came on cable one day. If he runs into it on a lazy Sunday afternoon channel surfing, he'll always stop to watch a little bit of it. Don Knotts was such an ODD duck.

Roses said...


Just squash my dreams why don't you? Ah heck.

Fascinating. And thank you for sharing. I don't suppose while you were down there, you took any pictures?

Karl said...

Moi: I've known for quite awhile that SB has good taste. Your comment just reinforces it.

Roses: How's this for not squashing your dreams. Yes, I took pictures and no you can't see them. They're classified because of the location. If I can figure out how to Dr. the properties of the photos, I will try to post 1 or 2. They're not very good and due to the low lighting and visibility hard to make out.

Anonymous said...

Don Knotts rocks. Few clean funny people left.

foam said...

i'm like auntie. never saw it except for snippets as an adult and i did think those were entertaining.

Karl said...

BamaTrav: He passed away in 2006. But you right, it takes real talent to be funny without being smutty.

Foam: Sit down and watch it with a young child of 7 or 8, it's a hoot watching their reaction.