Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movie clip Wednesday: Best Hitchcock Film

Howdy it's Wednesday and we all know what that means, time to search through the living hell of YouTube and post a clip to amuse and entertain. Movie Clip Wednesday, hosted by Anonymous Boxer. If you wish to play. Post a clip on your site. Try to make it 3 minutes or less, then stop by Boxer's site say I'm up, with the title of your movie. You can also see who else is playing. And find some very interesting and differing perspectives on a single topic. The topic for this week: Best Hitchcock Film. This is a tough one. I like them all. I liked Hitchcock enough to actually sit through a a class on his films. You'd never catch me doing that with James Cameron. Because I liked his films so much and the fact that he liked interesting twists. I decided to do a bit of a twist myself the clip is of his cameos for which he was so famous.


Boxer said...

Excellent!!! What a great way to celebrate Hitchcock. :-)

I also watched his TV show (we now have them on DVD) and he continued to produce quality stuff even as he got older.

Thanks for playing and Happy MCW!

Karl said...

Boxer: His TV show was one of my favorites, second only to Twilight Zone. I hadn't thought about them on DVD, great suggestion.

moi said...

What fun! I remember the television show, too. Time to hit :o)

Happy MCW, Karl!

K9 said...

absolutely delightful!! outstanding MCW post - i loved the cameo for "lifeboat" with him in a newspaper ad. Whatta character. No hell no I wouldnt sit through a James Cameron narcifest if you PAID me. (well, it might depend on how well I was compensated. I understand JC is wealthy.)

I noticed on one of the early hitch movies an actress i never heard of

nova pilbeam


Happy MCW, Karl~

Karl said...

Moi: Isn't it though. I think you're right about Amazon.

K9: I'm glad you liked it.

I had to look Nova up. Seems like she was pretty smart made 14 movies and got out, plus she stayed at a Hollywood.

Karl said...

That should have read: out of Hollywood.

foam said...

this was delightful! i love so many of these movies and could have picked a plethora of them for this wednesday.

Buzz Kill said...

Most directors have a trademark and Hitchcock's cameos are the best. I've never seen a compilation like that. It's interesting to see that in his later movies his cameos were much more deliberate. Some he even looks into the camera. I'm with Chicky on the Lifeboat one being the funniest and most clever.

Happy MCW!

moi said...

Pssst: I'm hosting Haiku Monday next week, complete with prizes. The topic is: LEMON.

Karl said...

Foam: I'm glad you liked it. The reason I went this way is there are too many good movies to pick.

Buzz Kill: I think as his talent progressed, he became more confident. I agree with both of you the one from Lifeboat was likely the most innovative.

Moi: Again congratulations. Lemons should be fun. From the sweetness of lemonade, to the sour feeling of a product that doesn't work well. Yes, plenty to work with.


I loved his movies..but I loved his tv show better..some of the best tv I've ever seen. loved his twisted mind.

moi said...

I just dropped by to say: "Cotillion photos!"

That is all :o)

Karl said...

Jackie Sue: my apologies for the slow reply. I missed your comment. His unique way of thinking is what made his films and Tv such fine works.

Moi: Cotillion photos will be released about the same time as the photos from a certain topless pillow fight at a certain blogger summit;)