Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday: Worst Sequel

Well folks it's time for another weekly installment of Movie Clip Wednesday, hosted by Milk River Madman  If you wish to play. Post a clip on your site. Try to make it 3 minutes or less, then stop by MRM's site say I'm up, with the title of your movie. You can also see who else is playing. And find some very interesting and differing perspectives on a single topic. The topic for this week is: Worst movie sequel. This ought to be a fun topic there are so many bad sequels out there to pick from. I chose (ah come on now, you knew this was coming) Jaws 4 the Revenge. Jaws 2 wasn't great, but it wasn't too bad either. By Jaws 3, well Jaws had "jumped the shark". And to make 4th one especially with as poor a script as this one had was just a waste. And it was nominated for Worst Picture in the 1987 Golden Raspberry Awards. So here you go, it's with tongue in cheek that I say enjoy. (at least the clips are short)


K9 said...

Indeed. I almost went with Jaws 3D. Jaws ended perfectly - it was very casabanca like with dreyfus and scheider kickboarding their way to shore ...the beginning of a beautiful life long friendship bound by impossible odds of surviving the big fish. Jaws is one of those movies that is perfection and should have had a lock put on the film case with a note reading "do not attempt to capitalize upon"

Happy MCW and excellent choice.

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K9 said...

er, my entry is my entry is here

moi said...

I've never been a fan of animals-as-villian movies, but I did think the original Jaws was great suspense. Again, why ruin a great thing? Especially with a clunky looking "monster"? Happy MCW, anyway, Karl!

Princess said...

The animatronics dont hold up well do they. I haven't been back in the water since the first jaws movie. I have not seen any of the sequals. The first one put me off for good....

Karl said...

K9: Yeah you're right. But that's all that sequels are, capitalizing on previous successes.

Moi: Yes, the first film was a classic. And even with all the problems, they had that the original Bruce (the shark) it still looked much more real than the later ones.

Princess: Oh go back in the water. Think of all the people that swim on beaches and don't get attacked. Anyone who has swam in the ocean has likely been within about 30 yards of a shark. As long as you don't make yourself look like food or smell like food they won't bother you.

By the way, isn't it about 2:00 AM there, get some sleep.

Aunty Belle said...

karl!of course...whata PAINful thang this sequel-that-will- not-die
is! And the "roaring" shark is comic, not scary.

An what would the first JAWS be wif'out the MUSIC??? And the rest of the drama of ordinary lives in a little town--that was part of the real story, how the crisis/horror put small town dram in a new perspective.

Perfect Karl choice.

Happy MCW

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Heff said...

Damn, if there's a prize involved, YOU JUST WON.

Joanna Cake said...

I had no idea there was a 4th Jaws and isnt that the original Chief and Mrs Brody there? Oh dear, oh dear.

Boxer said...

I remember going to Universal Studios in the late 70's and they had the Jaws shark in an attraction. It kinda ruined a movie that scared the scnizz out of me and made swimming in the ocean just that much more "fun".

Great pick, I knew you'd go with water. Happy MCW.

Karl said...

Aunty Belle: Interesting mutation, a shark with vocal cords.

You're right, the score did so much to make the first movie and as the sequels went downhill so did the scores.

Heff: Thank you sir.

Joanna: They should have stopped after the first one. The wife is in it, Brody is a flashback.

Boxer: I could see how being up close to the mechanical shark would ruin the movie perspective. But if you got you back into the water, maybe it's a good thing.

Do y'all really call me water boy?

Roses said...

Oh. Dear. God.

That is truly awful.

Buzz Kill said...

I forgot how bad the ending of this movie was. And what the hell kind of noise was that shark making. There are low budget, truely bad B movies out there that are better than this. Michael Caine, what were you thinking? And if it has Mario Van Peebles in it, well, just click to the next channel. Really bad Karl.

Happy MCW!

Karl said...

Roses: Yes it is, isn't it.

Buzz Kill: Gee coming from you, I'm honored.

Hey All: I had planned to mention this in the post and forgot. The Leonid meteor showers should be at their best tonight and tomorrow night. So grab somebody warm and cozy, find a dark patch of sky looking east and enjoy!

Milk River Madman said...

What a piece of crap.

Karl, the way you start every post with " good morning" is friging awesome.

Pam said...

Well, some of us knew without having to think about it that this movie was not going to be worth watching! Heh. Sorry I didn't get to compete today, but this one is definitely a true blue stinker.

MJ said...

I've never seen Jaws 1.

Ignorance is bliss.

Karl said...

MRM: Yes it was.

I'm pleased you think so. I look at it this way, If we were to meet on the street or to talk on the telephone, I would give you a salutation in a similar manner, to me it's only neighborly to do so here.

Keep up the good work, Sir Host.

Pam: Sorry didn't get to play either your take on Grease 2 would've been interesting.

MJ: Welcome! I think there are many that would agree with you.


jaws was a perfect movie...just the right amount of everything..scary enough to make me sit on the toilet to pee and then jump up real fast and look to make sure it was safe..scary enough that the next time we went to the beach, maryjo ran up and down the the shore screaming 'dit oud of de wader, dit oud of de wader, de tark is donna dit you..'

Karl said...

Jackie Sue: I've heard of people being being scared by the movie, but I think you get top honors for the most scared. Hope you gotten over that bathroom problem by now.