Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pam is hosting haiku Thursdays, stop by and see who else is playing. This week it's topic: Summertime and the living is easy.

It's summertime
For a few easy living
Many not so much



those last ones broke my heart.

chickory said...


moi said...

Perfectly stated.

Heff said...

Still makes me SICK to see those pictures.

They now plan on having the oil leak stopped between July 20 - 27.

I'll bet that's simply MORE B.S.

Buzz Kill said...

When I think of the gulf heat mixed with the smell of crude and oil balls, day in and day out, it makes you wonder if they'll ever have an easy summer again.

Karl said...

Jackie Sue: Mine too. The first ones anger me in a way very hard to express.

Chickory: Yes

Moi: Comming from you. That means alot.

Heff: Trying to beat the deadline for reporting 2nd quarter earnings.

Buzz Kill: I fear it will be a long long time.

Boxer said...

Hello Karl,

I hereby announce that you are the winner of this week's Haiku Thursday.

This will be the summer of the oil spill. And not the last one, either.

Have a good weekend.

Kymical Reactions said...

man, Karl. This got me choked up. :(

come over. I have a question.

Karl said...

Boxer: Thank you. Keep you fingers crossed that this weekend efforts will stop the flow.

Kym: Yea, your back. I,m on my way.

Karl said...

If you want to see some difficult work stop here:
go to the feed for Ocean Intervention III - ROV2

Pam said...
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Pam said...

So sorry I didn't make it by here earlier .... terrific haiku and definitely the best of the week. Totally agree with Boxie naming you winner.

Karl said...

Hey folks,

At 18:22 central time the new cap was set with no apparent leakage!

It's still early in the process but even if they can't shut the wellhead down the oil is now pouring into ships and not the gulf.

More to follow.

fishy said...

Well done Karl!
Been away so hadn't seen your visuals or yur poetry. Very nicely done on a horrid beyond measurement contrast of the summertimes.

Hope the cap works, really worried about the methane issue. You know anything about that?

Karl said...

Pam: Thank you. Sorry for the late reply have been a tad preoccupied.

Fishy: Thank you. At this point Pandora's box has been opened. I do not believe it will be the calamity, some are talking about. And one could make the argument that harvesting the natural gas could not only reduce the pressure issues. But be put to good use.