Monday, June 28, 2010

Good evening,

If you have a minute and if you bothered to stop by here you must have a lot of minutes. Take a look at this link:

It's about 15 minutes, so grab a cup of coffee and watch it.

Then please copy it and post it on your own site. I would also suggest, sending it to your local TV and radio, with the question. Why aren't you reporting this!


LaDivaCucina said...

Good evening Karl. My sister just got back from New Orleans and told me this is on everyone's mind and they are very depressed and frightened and angry. Thanks for posting.

I am so sad and frustrated and can't imagine how hard it must be for our Gulf neighbors. Go Kindra! But I feel helpless....what is YOUR suggestion?

moi said...

This is most likely the greatest environmental disaster of our time and no one in "charge" is capable of handling it. I think the entire region should be evacuated and all hands should be on deck for clean up.

Here's what my husband's family in south Louisiana is saying. That BP is paying out every claim that comes its way, including hundreds and hundreds of bogus ones (people who have never been on a boat in their lives started applying for commercial fisher men's licenses a month after this happened), the result most likely being that there will be nothing left for clean up and we, the taxpayers, will be left high and dry to do that.

Karl said...

LaDiva: They have good reason to be both depressed and frightened. BP has made some huge mistakes in dealing with this because they want to keep the well operational. And the government's response has been completely dysfunctional. There trying to litigate their way through this disaster, instead of finding real solutions and letting the lawyers clean the mess up later.

What would I do:

1. Remove the remaining piece of pipe on the top of the blowout preventer. Put another valve in place and slowly close it.(Watch the movie Hell Fighters with John Wayne, it will give you an idea of what I'm talking about)

2. Stop using dispersants! The oil that's hanging the midway in the water column and on the bottom can't be recovered or cleaned. That oil will have to biodegrade. Which uses up oxygen, in a body of water that already has a huge dead zone.

3. Relax the Jones act regulations to allow foreign flag vessels and crews to assist in the cleanup.

4. Mobilized dredges and allow the placement of sand berms and Geo-tubes, bypassing the Corps of Engineers permitting process. Protecting the shorelines until the floating oil has been removed.

I could keep going, unfortunately no one in the two parties that matter is listening.

Moi: As you probably know, I had little faith in the capability of the sitting gov't to deal with this issue and their actions have proved me correct. From the administration on down, they are totally inept.

With anything of this magnitude there are bound to be bogus claimants. Yet with the government's litigate now stance. If BP refuses to pay a claim, they will be killed trying to fight it. Legitimate claim should be paid. And bogus ones, well those folks should get to swim with the fish and the birds.

K9 said...

karl: i havent been posting because i spend all my free time now researching DH. and it is a very very dark trail to follow. Every single act by this treasonous gov't has been to make the worst possible decisions. Lots of money will be made off this disaster -similar to the bailout situation: the ones that caused it will benefit. look at the investors involved in corexit, boots and coots and the corruption at the MMS. its insane - no -evil - what has happened to us.

the gulf disaster is epic in its scope to destroy: wildlife, environment, economies, communities and spirits. its crushing. and we havent seen anything yet. pray the methane bubble doesnt burst.

Boxer said...

Hi Karl - I did look at this and wanted to thank you for not just turning a blind eye to such a horrible, horrible disaster.

Heff said...

Wow, Karl. Sounds like you've got the answers to me !

Karl said...

K9: Try not to let the toxic mess that's consuming the gulf, consume you too.

Post about your findings, ask your readers to pass it on or RE Post. You never know somebody may start listening.

Boxer: Thanks for stopping by, I know you have a lot on your plate right now.

Heff: Unfortunately, having answers doesn't matter much. If no one's willing to listen.

Jhon Miller said...

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