Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday!
Bad Boys

Anonymous Boxer's is our host, her choice for this week is bad boys. Both of the gentleman shown in this video were considered to be bad boys both on and off the screen.
With that I'd give you The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone.


Boxer said...

*sigh* Robinhood is the original GOOD Bad guy and Basin Rathbone? EXCELLENT villain, although I always think bad guys don't seem as bad with an English accent. A little swashbuckling never hurts either. A great clip and one of my favorite movies, so thanks.

Heff said...

Ah. I remeber you now. What's been happenin' ?

moi said...

Hah! "Bad BOYS" is right. Tiger Woods ain't got nothin' on Flynn. A classic movie, well chosen for the theme. Happy MCW!

TROLL Y2K said...

I'm willing to bet 50 bucks you won't get blog-jynxed with this selection. Cool stuff. Kinda reminded me of Jackie Chan.

Happy MCW!

boneman said...

So...they wore those tights so they could jump over tables?
(still be a might cold for this time of year,)
Cool clip!

savannah said...

great play on the theme, sugar! xoxo
happy MCW

Karl said...

Boxer: I love your line about the English accent.

Heff: Welcome to the Korner. Just loving life.

Moi: Very true. Thanks

Troll: It was a truly impressive sword fight as was, if these guys could have moved like Jackie Chan. Man, what a scene that would be.

Boneman: Can't say why they wore tights, it's likely more Hollywood than history. I think they knew how to use layers back then.

Savannah: Welcome and thank you.

Kymical Reactions said...

Hiya Karl!

the story of Robin Hood has always been my favorite. I started with Disney, but your clip is classic.

happy MCW.

Buzz Kill said...

I remember this scene from way back when but haven't seen it in a long time. While watching your clip I realized that The Princess Bride sword fight was spoofing this scene. I never got that before.

Happy MCW!

Pam said...

I love this! I considered it but with the Kevin Costner/AlanRickman version. In fact, I tried to find Alan Rickman in Die Hard for my original choice. But dontcha just love these oldie oldie movies like this, where the color almost hurts your eyes? The drama! The costumes! Love it! Happy MCW.

Karl said...

Hi Kym: I've never seen that version, although I think it came out before Disney turned into the evil empire of marketing. So it was probably pretty good.

Buzz Kill: I think you're right, I had not put that together.

Pam: Yes, I prefer the older movies. They could get their point across without spilling buckets of gratuitous gore.

Reguarding not seeing Con-air and dark movies like it. I've had to see plenty of darkness in real life. So I simply choose not to watch that sort of film for entertainment.

kittykillkill said...

I haven't seen this before. I feel so left out. :(

chickory said...

Good Evening, Karl


er. i was thinking about you tonight. tried to watch cabaret. HATED it. i did try.

Karl said...

Kitty: You can probably rent it or get it from the library. It's jam packed 1930s special effects;)

Chickory: I enjoy a good musical. Cabaret is not what I consider good musical. I've never sat through the whole movie.

You too, have been in my thoughts and hoping all you're dealing with turns out for the best. If there's anything I can do just let me know.