Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Culinary throw down: Beets
Our host for this challenge; Moi of Bite the Apple chose Beets, so here you go:
Beet Burger

The following four ingredients, in equal proportions and diced very finely, make a not to bad Beet Burger:

cooked red beet
cooked brown rice
sauteed onion
English muffin bread, soaked in the juice of one meyer lemon (I used a little lemon juice)
To that add one egg, a handful of chopped fresh oregano, a tablespoon of shiitake dust, and a tablespoon of flour. Then stuffed a half-cup measuring cup full of the mixture to shape it, and toasted both sides in a hot cast iron pan. The bun was English muffin bread, lightly toasted, served with mustard and chutney, with a side of Pickled Ginger and Carrots.
The recipe and picture came from The Breakaway Cook


moi said...

Excellent, Karl! I have a lot of vegetamarian friends, so I'll most definitely remember this one at our next cookout. Major points for: truly unique veggie burger in a fab color.

TROLL Y2K said...

Very interesting ingredients. Cool that it all worked together.

Karl said...

Moi: Thanks, I found a lot of beet burger recipes, this one seemed to be the best. Although it's the only one I tested. The egg might be an issue to a Vegan, it might not hold together well without it.

Troll: Thanks. Yes it is.

K9 said...

you do a nice photo styling. ive heard they use the beet burger at Gitmo with amazing results. you know theyve thwarted 1298 attack plans with this recipe?
grrrrhahahaha im kidding. im sure its *tasty*

good luck!

Buzz Kill said...

Nice out-side-the-box effort by the reigning champion. Not sure how the lemon juice would work with the beets but it certainly looks good and a nice presentation. Is shitake dust anything like pixie dust?

Boxer said...

Heyyyyyy!! I can eat this and you know what? It actually looks good. Moi is right, very unique. I had no idea this could be done and I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years. Thanks!

and bwahahahha to K9's comment.

Karl said...

K9: Yup so popular, they'll give it a mil-spec number. I'm not sure Rottweiler would find it too appetizing.

Buzz Kill: That's where I like to be, outside the box. It just added a little tang to the bread. I think the mushroom powder helps to bind it together kinda like the egg.

Karl said...

Boxer: You're welcome! Please let me know how you like the recipe, if you try it.

fishy said...

Beautifully presented! Interesting enough to entice several competitors to TRY this. Good job Karl.

Er ... will this be a bigger gitmo scandal than the others? Is this torture by nutritiion? Does Pelosi know, or did someone lie to her?

kmwthay said...

oh my word, Karl! I don't even like beets and this picture has the ability to change my mind!

delish! great job!

Karl said...

Fishy: Thank you
No bigger scandal than closing it in the first place. Yes it's called water beeting , as for Madame Speaker, she will make up whatever answer she deems necessary to put her in the best light.

Kym: Thank you, but please be careful about using the C word around here.

rage said...

I don't think I've really tried eating beets-in anything. I would literally have to trick the kids into thinking it was something else. To me, it looks appetizing.

Well done Karl.

moi said...

Water beeting. Heh. Anyhoo, come on over to Moi's Blob when you get a chance. I have chosen a winner!

Karl said...

Rage: I looked up a bunch of different burger recipes before I chose this one. Almost every one of them was trying to make it look like or taste like something else. If you try it on the kids I would suggest low lighting, these burgers turn out redder than you would think.

Moi: Thanks again for a job well done.

Gadfly said...

That scared me at first, then the idea sort of grew on me. Kind'a curious now :o)

Karl said...

Gadfly: Give it a shot, what have you got to lose.

Kim said...

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