Monday, October 12, 2009

Mute Monday
Science Circa 1492


Buzz Kill said...

Early illegal alien invasion - I like it. And without science it wouldn't have happened.

Happy MM!

Doom said...

Depending on which side of the tee pee you were on... I guess that is how the atom is split? Oh well.

But I do enjoy the science therein. I wonder how many people can honestly still use those tools? We may find out before long.

Happy MM!

TROLL Y2K said...

Excellent. I find Old-School Science (the times they were right) fascinating. I almost did the "Science of the Clark and Lewis Expedition".

Happy Mute Monday!

Karl said...

Buzz Kill: The science may be low tech by our standards. As you can see it proved quite effective.

Doom: Welcome, I have atoms on both sides of the split.

With the advent of GPS, fewer and fewer. I must admit, I haven't picked up a sextant and worked out a position, since the mid nineties.

Troll: Old science can be so interesting. I can lose track of time in museums. Looking at different items and wondering how did they come up with this idea.

Lewis and Clark would've been a good one, modern by Columbus's standards.

Happy Mute Monday!

fishy said...

Good Morning Karl,
Interesting progression on the subject. I think it a shame we do not still teach the usage and tools of early science, navigation, astronomy,etc.
Now we accept data delivered to our flat screens and believe it is all valid. When the satellite services and electricity start costing our entire annual incomes....will we be able to think like an Indian?

nephew said...

how perfectly appropriate. i love that homeland security. you know, i used to kinda worry about islam getting a tow hold here as they have in europe via immigration. but i figure by the time that happens? they'll be facing tequila swilling machete wielders from La Raza. im buying tickets!


(my blog nemesis stole my avatar so i am "going" as nephew today)

happy MM

Karl said...

Fishy: I agree with you, it's a shame that these skills are no longer taught. It will be interesting to see what happens when, the Chinese or some other terrorist organization blow the GPS grid off line and we have to get from point A to point B using the stars again.

K9: You know sometimes your perspective on the world, just makes me smile;)

Boxer said...

it's pretty amazing what people were able to do with understanding the stars/planets with so little help and I like how you moved this mute to the science of viruses. Nicely done. Happy MM!

kmwthay said...

I LOVE the Homeland Security one. I've not seen it before, and I think I might lift it from you!.

Happy MM, Karl!

Aunty Belle said...

Heh...fine intrumentation---even the earliest. I liked the medicine sequence. TOo kool, Kalr!

Happy MM!

Karl said...

Boxer: Yes, its is. Of course, they had a lot more time on their hands and they didn't have to worry about light pollution.

Thank you.

Kmwthy: Glad you liked it. Be my guest.

Aunty Belle: Why, thank you.

Joanna Cake said...

Great take! LMAO at the homeland security force too :)

TROLL Y2K said...

Don't forget the THROWDOWN on Friday!

rage said...

I guess I am not smart enough to know what you were going for here, but I liked the first picture the best.