Saturday, June 20, 2009

The solstice is at 05:45 GMT tomorrow.

Have a Great first day of Summer!

And any fathers out there

Do something fatherly

It's your day!

A pod of Dolphin was playing outside my window this morning.

Hoping it's a good omen!


rage said...

Happy Father's Day Karl!

Karl said...

Rage: Thanks, I had a fine time.

Hope you and Temper did the same.

TROLL Y2K said...

Happy Father's Day. It's certainly not a BAD omen to see dolphins that close.

Karl said...

Toll: I been here 20 years, It's the first time I've seen Dolphins up in the river. out in the open bay I've seen them several times, just not in the river.

The way this year's been going; I'm just hoping they weren't taking a victory lap and saying so long, thanks for all the fish.

Anonymous said...

Rock it, KARLO

Karl said...

Wes: Anyway I can.


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh dolphins...lucky son of a gun..

Karl said...

Jackie Sue: Yes, I was lucky.